Associate Ombudsman (Office of the Secretary)

Federal Reserve Board of Governors - Washington, DC4.1

Full-timeEstimated: $55,000 - $77,000 a year
Associate Ombudsman

The Associate Ombudsman provides high-level support for the work of the Ombudsman. The primary responsibilities of the Ombudsman office include: 1) acting as facilitator for the fair and timely resolution of complaints from members of the public and supervised institutions concerning the System's regulatory and supervisory activities; 2) receiving, reviewing and deciding claims of retaliatory conduct by System staff; and 3) reporting to Board members and senior Board staff on issues that may have a significant impact on the System's missions, activities, or reputation, including patterns of issues that occur in multiple complaints. In addition, the Ombudsman's office is the recipient of all formal appeals of material supervisory determinations filed by supervised institutions and generally provides administrative and process support in these proceedings. The Associate Ombudsman will also assume responsibility for other activities and projects relating to external meetings including those of the Board’s Advisory Councils that are planned, executed, or supported by the Office of the Secretary.

Position Requirements
Applicants must possess strong analytical ability, sound judgment, and superior written and oral communication skills, as typically acquired by completion of an advanced degree in a field such as law or business and a minimum of eight years of specialized experience. Must possess skills and ability to develop necessary subject matter expertise, including a strong working knowledge of the regulatory and supervisory activities of the Federal Reserve System, and familiarity with the Board’s organization, strategic direction, and policies. Should be able to draft clear, concise, and well-reasoned factual and analytical memoranda. Requires firm grasp of ethical considerations, including ability to maintain confidentiality and to demonstrate impartiality. Knowledge of and/or experience with the laws and regulations governing the operations of banks and bank holding companies is desirable.

What We Do
The Ombudsman assists in the resolution of disputes and inquiries related to the Federal Reserve System’s regulatory and supervisory activities. Our supervised institutions and individuals impacted by our supervisory and regulatory activities bring a wide range of concerns to our office. These include:
inquiries about the status of pending applications or requests for regulatory approval
questions about interpretations of the Board’s regulations in diverse areas
the process and results of examinations
material supervisory determination appeals
retaliation concerns
consumer matters
To aid in the resolution of such matters, our office utilizes the following tools:
helps to identify and clarify options
provides information regarding existing processes
explores a variety of ways to resolve disputes
acts as a facilitator
identifies significant and recurring issues
The Ombudsman also receives, reviews, and decides complaints that a Federal Reserve System employee acted in a retaliatory manner against a supervised institution. Matters involving internal Board functions, including personnel issues, are outside the scope of the Ombudsman’s functions.
The Ombudsman is guided by the principles of independence, informality, neutrality, and confidentiality. With regard to independence, the Ombudsman is located in a division outside of the Federal Reserve System’s supervisory and regulatory processes. Because of this, our office has autonomy and discretion regarding how to assist individuals.
With regard to informality, our office does not participate in formal procedures (except with regard to retaliation disputes), make determinations regarding the merit of disputes or concerns (except with regard to retaliation disputes), or mandate policy. Contact with our office is voluntary and private.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or application, membership, or service in the uniformed services.