Lafayette College - Easton, PA4.0

Proper Equipment Fitting, Sanitation, and Reconditioning

Responsible for solely fitting all protective equipment for Men’s Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, and other sports as assigned
Responsible for assisting the Director of Equipment Services with the equipment fitting of the Football program
Responsible for scheduling dates and times to meet with each designated student athlete to discuss the new products and how they fit
Responsible for designing and implementing a weekly sanitation/maintenance program that utilizes hospital grade disinfectants and hardware replacement to prevent skin irritation, infection, and potential protective equipment breakdowns
Responsible for identifying with each coach the need for annual and bi-annual reconditioning of protective equipment and uniforms
Responsible for keeping daily documentation of the fitting process, sanitation schedule, and when equipment maintenance is performed
Responsible for meeting with local and national reconditioners to ensure submission deadlines are met, product warranties are upheld, and new products are introduced in a timely manner
Proper Issuing/Laundering of Practice and Game Apparel

Responsible for identifying and communicating all laundry chemical components to each team to ensure that all allergic reactions are preventable
Responsible for meeting with each student-athlete to size all practice and game uniforms before the start of the season
Responsible for laundering and returning back to each student athlete practice and game laundry on a daily basis
Responsible for Color Setting all uniforms and practice apparel to ensure there is not a Dye Bleed that can cost thousands in replacement costs
Responsible for learning how to use an industrial sewing machine and make all team apparel repairs by themselves
Responsible for keeping an accurate apparel/equipment team inventory reflective of the adopted Equipment Department System
Responsible for creating issued item sheets to be posted in each locker room for student athlete reference
Responsible for cultivating our relationship with Integrated Sports Specialties and ensuring all chemicals and pumps are ordered and delivered on time throughout the year
Responsible for cultivating our relationship with PAC Industries to ensure all machines are serviced and maintained bi-annually
Team Ordering of Protective Equipment, Team Apparel, and Field Accessories

Responsible for meeting with product vendors quarterly to discuss team ordering cycles, new products, and budget figures for needed items
Required to be proficient with placing orders via Lafayette’s online Banner system within the first two months of employment
Responsible to negotiate the lowest fair price possible when seeking quotes for non- contracted brand apparel
Responsible to meet with each coach of a six sport designation to identify areas of need, build the framework of the orders, and execute the actual orders in a timely and accurate manner
Required to work with plant operations staff to develop a five year plan for sport specific field accessories and their replacement
Required to work directly with the Athletic Department Business Manager to ensure funds are available for requested sport specific product
Responsible for making sure purchase requisitions are closed out in a timely manner with accurate full term invoices.
Visiting Team Accommodations

Responsible for contacting the Head Coach and or Equipment Services Director of the visiting institution prior to their arrival to offer all available accommodations and confirm arrival times/practices
Responsible for greeting the visiting teams at the Metzgar campus, guiding them to their locker room, and offering any further assistance
Required to send out an internal email once a week to all necessary Lafayette athletics employees identifying the weekend outline, visiting team needs, and how those needs will be met
Responsible for setting up all visiting team locker rooms with needed chairs, towels, dry erase boards, etc.
Coordinate the preparation of the Kamine Varsity House with the Associate AD of Facilities for all tailgates, barbeques, and special events including Lauren’s First and Goal
Minimum Qualifications

4 year College Degree
1-2 year’s experience working in Equipment Services at the collegiate or professional level
CPR/First Aid Certified within first two months of employment
AEMA Certified within first year of employment
Strong Personal Skills
Proficient in Microsoft Office
Ability to work various schedules, weekends, and holidays
This is a Full Time position
Letter of application indicating the exact position, complete resume, and list of at least three references to be sent through the online link at: