Police Detective

Wisconsin State Fair Park - West Allis, WI4.3

The detective will investigate and manage criminal investigations. Detectives will manage and supervise crime scenes and conduct background investigations. Detectives will conduct interviews and interrogations, and collect and preserve evidence for prosecution.

The Wisconsin State Fair Park Police Department provides uniformed patrol of the Fair Park 365 days a year. Our authorized staff consists of 115 sworn officers and also has a number of specialized units that include; Mounted, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Dignitary Protection and Major Incident Response Team (MIRT). These specialized units enhance and support our Uniform Patrol Division during the Wisconsin State Fair and other year-round events.

Limited Term Employment working part-time as needed and scheduled, including work on weekends and evenings.

$20.40 per hour.

This position is open to all qualified candidates who meet the outlined criteria.

  • During the annual State Fair, reports to the assigned supervisor or in his or her absence, the Deputy Chief of Police.
  • Follow proper procedures for locating, collecting and preservation of evidence for analysis and prosecution.
  • Investigate thoroughly all assigned casework.
  • Maintain detailed records of all investigations.
  • Promptly submit complete and accurate reports.
  • Assist patrol officers in criminal investigations.
  • Interview suspects, witnesses or victims.
  • Prepare and present cases for prosecution.
  • Testify in court.
  • Maintain functional control of a crime scene.
  • Maintain a standard police uniform for assisting patrol officers at the annual State Fair and/or working Events and duty officer assignments.
  • Two completed years of service as a State Fair Park Police Officer or prior qualifying full time investigative experience on another police department. (The Chief of Police may waive the 2-year requirement if the candidate has 2 or more years of prior full-time experience as a detective/detective supervisor).
  • Familiarity with criminal law and procedures.
  • The ability and desire to work at the Department year-round.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Substantial knowledge of criminal investigative procedures.
  • Substantial knowledge of proper evidence collection and preservation.
  • Substantial knowledge of criminal law and procedure.
  • Substantial knowledge and experience in the concepts of interview and interrogation.
  • Ability to follow a logical progression of information leading to the identification of a suspect.
  • Ability to write a detailed and accurate report describing complex events in a logical sequential manner.
  • Ability to testify in court in an accurate, clear, concise and convincing manner.
Candidate must be able to work all 11 days of the annual Wisconsin State Fair; for 2019 these dates are August 1 – 11, 2019. Prior to appointment to this position, the candidate will be subject to a comprehensive criminal background check.

We are accepting applications online. You will be required to upload the following documents to be considered for the role:
Police Detective Application (click link to download and fill out to attach when applying)
Police Detective Application Supplement (click link to download and fill out to attach when applying)

Application materials must be received by noon on Friday, December 21, 2018: to the address if not attached with your web application:

Wisconsin State Fair Park Police Department
Attn: Elizabeth Bykowski
640 S 84th St

West Allis, WI 53214: