Chief Physician and Surgeon Services

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Scope of Work:
DSH requires the Temporary/Relief Chief Physician and Surgeon services on an as -needed basis; to assist the medical staff at State Hospitals in providing the highest quality of medical care reasonable and consistent with available resources; and to assure that appropriate clinical evaluations and documentation meet the requirements.

Period of Performance/Contract Type: 3 Year with (1+1)Optional.

Place of Performance:

2100 Napa-Vallejo Highway

Napa, CA 94558-6293


Chief Physician and Surgeons with valid certificate from American Medical Specialty Board or an

American Osteopathic Board as a specialist in one of the fields of medicine

Job Description:

Temporary/Relief Licensed Chief Physician & Surgeon duties under this contract shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Under general direction of the chief medical officer, the Chief Physician and Surgeon will serve as Chief of Service in charge of a major general medical and surgical subdivision in a large state hospital.
  • Lead physicians and other professional personnel providing medical and psychiatric care to patients; to give medical services to such patients.
  • Services under this Agreement shall be used to temporarily fill vacancies at the DSH. This Agreement shall be used only when all other staffing means have been exhausted including, but not limited to, civil service eligibility lists as well as the use of other related Agreements. The DSH makes no representation as to the minimum amount of services required under this Agreement.

Chief Physician and Surgeon shall:

  • Manage the Medical Ancillary Services (MAS) in accordance with regulatory requirements, providing supervision of the various units and services, as well as the supervisors, physicians, and dentists involved. Provides coordination of MAS personnel, functions, and resources with the Medical Director.
  • Ensure that adequate, appropriate, and timely preventive, routine, specialized, and emergency medical care is provided, in accordance with the Wellness and Recovery Model, to all patients in need of such services is consistent with generally accepted professional standards of care.
  • Ensure that patients with medical problems are promptly identified, assessed, diagnosed, treated, and monitored and, as monitoring indicates is necessary, reassessed, diagnosed, and treated, consistent with generally accepted professional standards of care.
  • Develop and implement protocols and procedures, consistent with generally accepted professional standards of care that:
  • Require the timely provision of initial and ongoing assessments relating to medical care, including but not limited to, vision care, dental care, and laboratory and consultation services;
  • Require the timely provision of medical care, including but not limited to, vision care, dental care, and laboratory and consultation services; timely and appropriate communication between nursing staff and physicians regarding changes in a patient’s physical status; and, the integration of each patient’s mental health and medical care;
  • Define the duties and responsibilities of primary care (non-psychiatric) physicians and nurse practitioners;
  • Ensure a system of after-hours coverage by primary care physicians;
  • Endeavor to obtain, on a consistent and timely basis, a patient’s medical records after the patient is treated in another medical facility.
  • Ensures that physicians monitor each patient’s health status indicators in accordance with generally accepted professional standards of care, and whenever appropriate, modify their therapeutic and rehabilitation service plans to address any problematic changes in health status indicators.
  • Monitors, on continuous basis, outcome indicators to identify trends and patterns in the patient’s health status, assess the performance of medical systems, and provide corrective follow-up measures to improve outcomes.
  • Plans, directs, and performs all phases of the medical services provided and for making professional decisions regarding surgery and general medical work.
  • Complies with legal mandates which govern hospital operations. Ensures the hospital meets the system-wide expectations and requirements of the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA) and the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).
  • Coordinates with the Medical Director and Hospital Administration in the implementation, modification, or termination of proposed or existing clinical activities in the MAS area. Serves on administrative committees such as General Management Meeting (GMM), Clinical Management Team (CMT), as requested or directed.
  • Promotes and establishes effective working relationships with public and private facilities which are/might be of service to our patients. Stays apprised of current medical aspects, which may affect our patients by research and/or active practice.

Job Type: Contract


  • Chief Physician & Surgeon: 1 year


  • Napa, CA


  • American Medical Specialty Board as a specialist
  • American Osteopathic Boardas as a specialist in medicine

Required work authorization:

  • United States