Program Director-Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

Selfhelp - New York, NY

A Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) is situated in a housing community not originally intended to be a senior housing, but a large percentage of residents are aged 60 and above. Most of the residents moved into the community when they were younger and have aged in place. A NORC program provides case management, health care management and information and referral services to these residents. It also offers educational/recreational programming, health and wellness activities among other services that are aimed at helping seniors to live safely, independently and with dignity.

Job Summary:
Administers and manages the day-to-day operations of the program, oversees department budget, ensures provision of services, implements and maintains sanitary and safety standards, and supervises workers involved in providing culturally diverse services to NORC clients.

Job Responsibilities:
Direct and administer program in conformity with agency and funders’ guidelines, make recommendations, and advocate and report on program’s activities to Managing Director, Senior Communities.

Plan, evaluate, and oversee financial budgets with daily oversight of fiscal matters. Coordinate fiscal work with the Consolidated Bookkeeping department.

Supervise PSRLs, volunteers, and student interns, including designating staff assignments and establishing work priorities.

Submit monthly statistical reports to Selfhelp, DFTA and other funders.

Oversee staffing, including supervise social work staff, train staff or assign appropriate training/in-service, designate staff assignments, establish work priorities, meet with staff at least once a month, evaluate performance, and participate in the selection and termination of staff.

Evaluate workload and capacity of staff to determine feasibility of expanding or enhancing services to clients.

Act as liaison of Selfhelp to community, establish and maintain relationships with other community organizations and local politicians, conduct public relations activities (i.e. prepare or oversee preparation of flyers and newsletters), and oversee outreach to target population.

Develop work goals and department projects that promote wellness and healthy living in the NORC community, and assign and coordinate projects. Modify, test, and correct existing program and service components as necessary and, in general, review completed projects to ensure that goals are met and that programs are compatible with Selfhelp and funders' policies and regulations.

Oversee and maintain proper functioning and upkeep of physical facility, including coordinating security, outside maintenance, and landlord if applicable.

Oversee all social services, including case assistance/management, counseling, legislative grant program, senior partners, telephone reassurance, intergenerational programs, social action committee, all groups and center classes and programs, etc. Liaise with government or third party representatives to ensure that programs comply with all contractual and regulatory requirements, and that all licenses, registrations and other legal documents are secured.

Complete and submit by the established target date all performance evaluations on staff within scope of responsibility.

Review social worker’s client service plans to ensure Selfhelp, funding, and regulatory objectives and specifications are met. Review case roles of community workers, including but not limited to intervention plan, on-going cases and work-log. Disseminate information regarding changes in policies and procedures affecting rights and entitlement.

Conduct monthly staff meetings and conduct ongoing reporting to the Cooperative’s Board of Directors and other Selfhelp managerial meetings and training. Keep abreast of organizational-wide goals and plans and to facilitate interdepartmental relations and activities. Attend area NORC meeting as necessary or as requested.

Provide information and referral, entitlement counseling and case assistance, including ongoing advocacy for clients and home visits when needed.

Provide recreational assistance to tenants through group and one-on-one contact.

Plan and implement fundraising activities for the center, and participate on team to monitor, develop, and write NORC grant proposals. Work with NORC Advisory Council and Housing Management on community issues and funding issues and otherwise seek government and/or private funding for projects.

Participate in DFTA trainings and adhere to all DFTA standards and guidelines.

Meet and maintain safety and sanitary procedures and ensure compliance with building, fire and health department codes. Holds regular fire drills as mandated by city fire department and trains staff in emergency procedures.

Oversee NORC Advisory Council and NORC Presidential/Director’s Committees to ensure that grant and budget parameters are met.

Establish systematic communications and develop partnerships (including team meetings) with NORC Nurse/health care partners to address both individual and NORC community health needs.

Perform other duties as required or assigned.

Knowledge, Skills And Requirements

Current NYS license and registration to practice as a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State preferred. SIFI certificartion preferred.
Master's degree in Social Work or other appropriate Master's degree; 3 to 5 years supervisory and related experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.