Brand Ambassador (Puff Promoter)

HeavenLeaf - Denver, CO


Hi, there!

Are you charismatic as much as you are enthusiastic about hookah? Do you believe in our company’s vision of bringing a luxury alternative product into an ancient social art? Could you see yourself making long-term passive income that grows every year? Then we would like to welcome you to our HeavenLeaf Puff Promoter position!Our Puff Promoters are among the top in the industry with the right Talent, Engineering, and Artistry that separates them as connoisseurs from the mediocre. As true brand representatives, they are supporters who believe in our product as much as we do and are empowered by our mission to transform the hookah community.

What are the benefits of being aPuff Promoter?

As once an experiment that came out of a garage only to expand into worldwide recognition, there are few things we value more than honest, hard work. In recognition of the tireless dedication of our Puff Promoters, we provide them with commission-based compensation directly proportionate to their success as well as company-wide discounts, bonuses, networking and job opportunities, and other rewards. With our growing popularity and the continued tax raises on tobacco on a global scale, there are generous possibilities available in being part of our team. HeavenLeaf is the future, become part of it today.

How does it work?

Using our website’s software, we enable our Puff Promoters to refer clients, achieved through means of their choosing ranging from in-person visits to social media marketing. These referred clients can be either retail (everyday people) or wholesale (shops, lounges, etc), and their purchases of HeavenLeaf products through our website will automatically generate commissions for the Puff Promoter, without the need for the Puff Promoter themselves to purchase any product and try to resell themselves (like traditional old-school salespeople).

Simply put, our Puff Promoters drive business to our store, and we drive income to their pocket. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible and allow the Puff Promoter the freedom to create personal sales goals that are accomplished on their own schedule. Our Puff Promoters are not employees, but rather everyday professionals contracted with a simple set of guidelines that ensure our product continues to be represented in the way that fits our brand image.

Who is eligible to be aPuff Promoter?

Apart from needing to be at least 21 years of age by law, our Puff Promoters are chosen as the most driven candidates who can bring enrichment and creativity to our brand image. It is imperative they are self-motivated and knowledgeable in hookah, but also skilled in negotiation, customer service, social media marketing, and sales. We are seeking sociable, imaginative, resourceful, and passionate individuals whose originality can expand our reach and open the minds of the greater hookah community.

Interested in joining our team?

If you would like to be connected to the leading global tobacco-alternative shisha on the market, or would like more information on the opportunities we offer, please submit your resume and information, and we will be in touch with you for the next steps. While you wait, explore and learn about the world of HeavenLeaf!

Position Details


  • 20% commission on all net sales generated by your clients
  • Re-occurring commissions automatically earned from your clients' future sales, giving you unlimited passive earning potential!
  • Same commission rate on retail sales (individual clients) and wholesale sales (shops / lounges / wholesellers)
  • Online platform to manage your clients / commissions

Required Qualifications:

  • Must be 21 years of age or over
  • High school diploma or relative equivalent
  • Experienced in smoking hookah
  • Experienced in commissioned sales
  • Experienced in customer service
  • Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Experienced in digital design (Adobe CC, photoshop & video)
  • Have a large social media following (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter)
  • Fluent at English grammar and composition
  • Comply with all HeavenLeaf policies, terms, conditions, and procedures
  • Authorization to work in the United States or in the country where the position is based
  • Must be willing to agree to and sign an independent contractor agreement

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Proficiency in multiple languages.
  • Luxury Industry experience
  • Experienced in developing blogs and / or newsletters
  • Experienced in CSS / HTML coding

*This position is commissions-based as an independent contractor, not an employee, and on your own free schedule and will. You will be required to agree to and sign an independent contractor agreement before engaging in any activity relating to this position with HeavenLeaf. Nothing in this job posting or description should be construed as an offer or guarantee of employment. This position requires you to be at least 21 years of age in adherence with California Laws regarding distribution, handling, purchase, and usage of tobacco and tobacco-related products and accessories. HeavenLeaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Types: Contract, Commission


  • Social Media Marketing: 2 years (Required)
  • Smoking Hookah: 2 years (Required)
  • Customer Service: 2 years (Required)
  • Digital Design (Adobe CC, Photoshop & Premiere): 2 years (Required)
  • Commissioned Sales: 2 years (Required)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • Denver, CO (Required)


  • English (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

Required travel:

  • 25% (Required)