Executive Director

Omega HR - Mount Clemens, MI

Position Description: Responsible for overall operations, including but not limited to – planning, policy development, financial management, market development, promoting, and enhancing the economic well-being of the community.

Position requires a dynamic individual with passionate enthusiasm who can work and motivate effectively with people at all levels in a complex environment.

Position Responsibilities:
Set and advance organizational goals;
Establish relationships with existing Macomb nonprofit groups;
Administer Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings and governance;
Create and maintain budgeting procedures;
Secure funding, manage and administer office space;
Manage social media presence;
Create and present investment and other financial reports to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee;
Promote Advancing Macomb, Inc. and Advancing Macomb Foundation, Inc. and its goals to the business, philanthropies, county and general public;
Develop a working relationship with other nonprofit organizations, partners, project managers and investment sources on a local, regional, and national basis;
Oversee and direct all public relations initiatives;
Establish and supervise all financial, budgeting and regulatory matters of Advancing Macomb, Inc. and Advancing Macomb Foundation, Inc.;
Be responsible for the development of funding for the organizations;
Maintain all other necessary office and compliance functions;
Develop and promote projects to accomplish the charitable mission of Advancing Macomb, Inc. and Advancing Macomb Foundation Inc.;
Secure funding for Advancing Macomb, Inc. and/or Advancing Macomb Foundation Inc. to meet or exceed the annual budget target and;
Legal and financial matters will be performed with the assistance of the Treasurer and/or legal adviser as appropriate.

Requirements: Bachelor or Advanced degree preferred. At least five years of nonprofit experience. Management experience required.