Coordinator I Energy

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The primary responsibility of the Energy Coordinator is to lead the required Utilities Operational activities for the Ahold Delhaize companies. This role will assist in delivering business (utilities) insights, manage Utility Databases, function as the primary point of contact for the business (Store Operations, Maintenance, Construction, Real Estate, etc.) related to Utilities Operational issues, and liaison between Operations and the utility companies for all Utility Operations issues. This role will manage / coordinate regulatory compliance activities (related to Utilities) with Store Maintenance, Store Operations and local regulatory agencies. This role will also lead the utilities vendor account management activities and coordination with Accounting.

This role will coordinate with external vendor partners to lead utilities investigations, identify root cause of issues, resolve operational utility malfunctions and ensure proper payments of utilities.

This role will also support The Energy Lead(s) through the preparation of reporting through our utilities database(s) that support the business.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Utilities Data Base(s) Management
Management of Utilities Database
• Manage UA (Utility Accounts) database for all stores, fuel centers, and our warehouses / distribution centers. This database is used heavily by Energy Lead(s) and Finance for Responsible Retailing (Climate Action) quarterly reporting, Store utility investigations, procurement decisions, rate investigations and budgeting.
• Build Utility usage reporting, (usage, rates, profiles) to support Energy Lead(s) and Finance.
• Monitor utility bills (electricity, Natural Gas, Propane, Water, Sewer, etc.) to ensure accurate entry, tracking and completeness of information in the Utility Accounts database.
• Update weather and heating/cooling degree day database. Track weather across the various operating areas of the organization. This database is used by the Energy Lead, as an input into the period variance reporting (each period) and the budgeting/forecasting process.

2. Store Operations Utility Support
Support Store Operations in daily issue resolution
• Function as the Lead and primary point of contact for Store Operations in the daily resolution of operational (utilities) issues.
• Receive, respond to and resolve the daily issues impacting stores in the area of Utilities Operations, such as: Researching store Utility shut off notices and coordinating between AFS and Utility to resolve non-payment.
• Research usage and cost information and build report(s) for Store Managers, when store level utility variances are identified.
• Identify and troubleshoot store issues regarding utility meters (broken, out of service, inaccurate), water/sewer investigations, credits, utility bill overcharges, missing utility bills, etc.
• Lead and coordinate external engineering firms (Example: Dwyer Engineering) in utilities investigations.
• Function as liaison for Store Operations to the numerous Utilities companies (ISOs). Research the root cause of issues and coordinate with the Utility companies on Store Operation’s behalf.

3. Utilities Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance Management and Coordination
• Manage store back flow device testing, to ensure legal compliance at all stores.
• Function as Lead for testing and liaison with Store Maintenance Teams and Local Regulatory groups, such as municipal water depts.
• Address regulatory fines and resolve store level causes through the Store Maintenance dept.

4. Utilities Vendor Account Management
Lead for Utilities Vendor Account Management
• Manage vendor account set ups to Accounting and within our Utilities database(s), for new suppliers, supplier changes, name changes, etc.
• Manage Utility transfers for remodels, construction, fuel centers, or new accounts.
• Support Real Estate, Construction and Landlords with the various Utility issues.

5. Accounting Coordination
Coordinate • Lead the Credit Back process, to recoup large credits owed to the organization due to meter malfunctions, un-noticed broken pipe lines on municipal properties (Example: Staten Island owed $115,000 refund.). Ensure owed credits are received and that they are applied to the correct location.
• Communicate with Investment Planning and coordinate the hundreds of Utility Rebates, being paid by our Utilities Operators (ISOs). Ensure rebates are credited properly.
• Coordinate with Accounting and ensure that the organization receives payments for our REC (Renewable Energy Credit) sales and that REC payments are applied to the appropriate locations.

Basic Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree
3 – 5 years related experience

Skills and Responsibilities:
• Financial acumen and understanding
• Strong analytical skills
• Intermediate Microsoft Excel skills
• Intermediate Power Point skills
• DTM skills
• Initiative
• Attention to detail
• Written and oral presentation skills
• Knowledge of utilities operations and store operations knowledge.
• Understanding of database(s) build, structure and report build
• Attention to detail
• Strong analytical skills
• Strong oral and written communication
• Good presentation skills
• Good cross-functional skills
• Relationship building