Senior Research DevOps Engineer

UNC-Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

This position provides experienced research software development support for RENCI (Renaissance Computing Inst) projects that involve local and national collaborations with academic researchers, state agency subject matter experts, and other computer and computational scientists. Principal Functions DevOps: Perform continuous integration across multiple physical distributed teams. Develop new research software and related techniques for efficient use by internal and external users. Develop stand-alone research software and web software and interfaces. Work with RENCI management and staff on project requirements. Solicit feedback from software users on improvements and implementations. Work with researchers and users of software to explain functionality.
Minimum Qualifications: At least five years of professional software development experience. Programming and development skills in Software Engineering, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Jenkins, git, GitHub, Python, Java, Django, Container Technologies such as Docker and Singularity, SQL Server, Linux, Unix Shell Scripts, Tomcat, HTML, JSON, XML, Design Patterns, basic System Admin and Sysops, and Web Services, with Ansible and Kubernetes preferred. Demonstrated ability to perform continuous integration across multiple contributing teams and support group efforts in helping test and package software as easy to deploy solutions. Ability to build collaborative efforts with appropriate departments. Capacity for self-education. Interdisciplinary study and inquiry. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Interpersonal communication, human relations and team building skills. Ability to foster and maintain collaborations with local and national researchers, subject matter experts.Relevant post-Baccalaureate degree required; for candidates demonstrating comparable background in academic or research computing management, will accept a relevant undergraduate degree and 3 or more years of relevant experience in substitution.
Position Number: NF0003698
Posting Date: 04/17/2019

Closing Date:
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Funded: No