Creative Talent For Documentary/Film Storytelling

Longshuo Culture Corporation - Los Angeles, CA

Job brief:
Longshuo Culture Corporation is currently looking for documentary storyteller as a member of our creative team. He or she works in concert with production personnel to develop their documentary film ideas.

Ideation and concept for documentary stories
Based on assigned projects or self-generated story ideas, conducting and coordinating an on-going, in-depth, inspirational research for the story development
Write proposals for documentary films
Offering creative feedback on story and pitch presentations and screenings
Helps teammates shape stories from concept through script with an emphasis on character and film structure
Other duties may be assigned

Strong sense of screenplay structure and analysis
Strong knowledge of film and television
Able to effectively communicate, interact and partner with creative talent and executives inside the company
Strong skills in the area of time management and organization
A strong ability to learn new technologies

Los Angeles, CA

Job type:
Full time or Part time