Resident Caretaker

YCH - Davis, CA (30+ days ago)3.8

PART-TIME POSITION (20 hrs/week) with flexible schedule. MUST live on-site in Davis.

The RESIDENT CARETAKER is required to live on-site at the assigned YCH owned or managed property. Duties shall include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Regularly walk through the Site and promptly inform the Property Manager of problems with exterior lighting, sprinklers and fences and of any potentially dangerous situations (such as standing water or oil, open holes, broken pavement, and vacant buildings or garbage areas).

Maintaining the interior and exterior of the complex in a clean condition, including, without limitation, assuring that all trash, debris and other materials are picked up and that the common areas are kept clean and neat. Spot check and clean areas as needed.

Being the primary contact to handle non-maintenance housing–related after hours issues (emergencies, lockouts) and notify the Property Manager and appropriate agencies (such as fire or police departments) of emergencies on the Site or adjacent to the Site and affecting the Site.

Maintaining a log of incidents and resolutions; and promptly inform the Property Manager of vacancies, abandoned units, vandalism and other criminal activity, fires, destruction of property and lease violations. (Lease violations include, among others, cars parked in other than designated parking areas, unauthorized pets, noise disturbances, disruptive behavior, illegal activity, and improper storage of possessions or trash)

Maintaining cleanliness of the common areas, kitchens, and laundry areas by ensuring it is swept and cleaned at least on a weekly basis. This may be carried out by residents of the property under the direction of the Resident Caretaker and/or Labor Coordinator.

Checking the common area bathrooms, to ensure it is clean and stocked.

Communicating respectfully, clearly, and concisely verbally and in writing. Act and react sensitively to the needs of residents.

Working in coordination with the Property Manager to resolve resident conflicts, conduct resident surveys, and coordinate resident events.

Assisting with planning and scheduling resident meetings.

Assisting Property Manager with distributing marketing materials, showing rooms to prospective tenants, and/or conducting new resident orientation.

Must have the ability to:
Contact emergency response personnel, local law enforcement, etc., when emergencies or incident occur on the property.

Understand the rules and regulations associated with the assigned property. Ability to notify residents when rules and regulations are not being followed.

Communicate clearly and professionally with residents, vendors, partners, and visitors to the property. This may include interviewing others to gather facts for reports to property management.

Complete written incident reports and other documents related to the scope of work of the position.

Be an appropriate role model for tenants and youth who reside on the property.

Maintain confidentiality.

Follow policy and adhere to procedures.

Live on-site at assigned location.