CDL Driver - NAS Whiting Field, FL

Maytag Aircraft - United States (30+ days ago)4.2

Position : Driver Systems Operator (DSO)

Reports to : Site Manager/Assistant Site Manager

FLSA : Part-Time, Non-Exempt

Location : NAS Whiting Field, Florida

Must have Class A CDL with Tanker & HAZMAT Endorsements

Position Summary: The Driver/System Operator (DSO) will operate refueling and defueling trucks in support of aviation refueling objectives at NAS Whiting Field, Florida. DSO’s should have a minimum of two (2) years of documented experience, and be qualified to perform fuel servicing operations (refuel/defuel services) using mobile fuel servicing trucks, truck supplied pantograph and hoses sets, and fixed direct fuel servicing systems (hydrants/hot pit systems). DSO’s shall pass a base and flight-line familiarization test, a practical equipment/facility competency test, and shall be certified as qualified. The individuals’ training record shall be updated prior to the unsupervised operation of any fuel servicing equipment. DSO’s should be familiar with safety regulations applicable to aviation and ground fuel servicing operations on and around the airfield and supported activities, and shall demonstrate a practical knowledge of and ability to inspection and maintain fuel servicing equipment and systems. (e.g. grounding/bonding, truck inspections, refueling equipment inspections, flight line safety, etc) Drivers/system operators may be required to make basic input to the Fuels Manager Defense System (FMD) or maintain dispatch logs.

Limits of Duties : The term "Driver/System Operator" refers to the person specifically trained and qualified to operate and control the fuel servicing truck and direct refueling systems (hydrant/hot pit) equipment. DSOs assigned to "hot pit" (Rotary and Fixed Wing) operations shall be qualified to and capable of actuating the deadman control (pit operator) and fire extinguishing equipment during a fuel servicing evolution. The DSO will not be responsible for taxiing and positioning of aircraft, checking for hot brakes, ensuring that all dummy/practice ordnance is safe, determining/signaling out-of-pit engine shut-down and restart procedures, refueling coordinator (plane captain), or nozzle operator positions. Individuals assigned as DSO - "hot pits", shall also complete training relevant to hot pit duties assigned. In all cases, the assigned deadman control (pit) operator shall remain in control of all direct refueling operations.

Licensing : All drivers shall be licensed in accordance with the vehicle operating laws, regulations, and code of the state in which they will operate equipment and shall be/remain in compliance with all such requirements for the duration of their employment. All drivers shall possess a current/valid driver’s license for the state of Florida. All drivers that may be required to operate vehicles and equipment on public roads shall be licensed for the class of vehicle to be operated on all such public roads. Driver records appropriate to the class of license an employee holds, i.e., individual Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driving record, and a current record of physical examination or certification shall be maintained. Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and experience in the aviation refueling industry highly desirable.