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Job Title : Vice President (VP)
Department : Commercial Real Estate Services (CRES)
Reports To : President, SVP and/or VP of CRES

Summary : A real estate development vice president assists in executing projects related to real
property, both land and improvements. The real estate market is an environment of many
constantly-shifting variables. These variables include economic factors, financial markets,
construction factors, leasing and sale trends, governmental factors and end-market expectations.
This dynamic environment requires a creative individual that can weigh several different, sometimes
competing factors, into a real estate challenge and move forward with a plan that is most likely to
optimize financial returns.

One of the major components of this position is analysis and communication. A VP must be able to
quickly identify the critical pieces of information, technical and otherwise, and convey this to
clients, consultants, vendors and contractors in a way that makes sense to them. A VP must also
understand the roles and responsibilities of varying team members, assign tasks accordingly and
hold them accountable to performance.

Design Management Duties:
Management of design process among architects, engineers and other design professionals on
behalf of client. Specifically, manage, oversee and facilitate:
Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection design and trade partners
Building controls and metering
Facilitate and manage client stakeholder groups. Review and evaluate client project
requirements and recommend implementation during design development.

Facility Operations
Network Operations
Other client Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Coordinate changes to current project requirements and reconcile stakeholder requests and project priorities (scope, cost, schedule considerations).

Facilitate meetings and discussions between general contractor and trade partners and client user

Manage client direct contracts which include:
Special Inspectors
Corrosion Consultant
Geotechnical Engineer

Construction Management Duties:
  • Management of day-to-day activities for client (owner) of construction work.
  • Review change orders and make recommendations to owner on contractor’s request.
  • Review applications for payment.
  • Review prime contract and maintain obligations log.
  • Review requests for information and submittals.
  • Review and manage ASIs and related change orders.
  • Review and manage overall client budget, construction budget and stakeholder budgets
  • Main point of contact to general contractor for design coordination efforts.
  • Report to client changes in design, construction constraints, schedule delays and overall construction status.
  • Assist in resolving conflicts with consultants, design professionals and general contractor.
  • Supervise development staff.
General Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Budget and Schedule - Establishes procedures and systems to achieve budget and schedule. Identifies issues and finds solutions. Responsible for achieving budget and schedule and managing risk. Is able to bring experience from other projects to benchmark.
  • Research and Data Analysis - Provides strategic oversight on research, data gathering and reporting. Able to connect information to project/client need and provide direction.
  • Project Team Selection and Consultant Management - Establishes goals for team selection and guidelines for selection process. Leads negotiations. Responsible for managing consultant team performance.
  • Contracting - Puts policies in place to ensure compliance with client and Sares Regis needs and risk management standards. Responsible for ensuring no scope gaps and that risks are identified and mitigated.
  • Invoicing and Cash Flow Tracking - Establishes procedures for invoice review, cash flow tracking, forecasting and manages funding requests. Responsible for ensuring procedures are followed and work is accurate.
  • Reporting - Establishes what reports should include and ensures accuracy of weekly, monthly internal and external reporting
  • Financial Analysis - Sets guidelines for and evaluates proformas, has a working knowledge of relevant market information, advises client. Tests assumptions. Manages financial risks (for client/project).
  • Meeting Management - Prepares agenda, organizes and manages meetings, ensures materials are prepared in advance. Takes concise and complete notes for distribution.
  • Communication - Strong and clear communication with team members, client, internal stakeholders and consultants.
  • Client and External Relationships Business Development - Starts getting involved in industry organizations, proactively cultivates relationships with clients and consultants
  • Project Phases and Knowledge - Provides comprehensive project management for one or more projects. Working to gain experience in all phases of development process. Has basic knowledge of real estate development. Seeks out opportunities to learn and improve skill set.
  • Leadership and Judgement - Identifies project issues that need to be elevated, advises leadership on the problems, and contributes to finding solutions. Conducts oneself according to Sares Regis values, demonstrates understanding of appropriate business behavior in a variety of settings, including client facing.
  • People Management and Divisional Operations - Successfully collaborates with project team, CRES group.
  • Accuracy, Organization, Reliability - Demonstrates attention to detail and accuracy. Proactively organizes and prioritizes tasks. Demonstrates ability to manage time with less supervision.Reliably executes tasks, works with manager to set schedule (meeting attendance, etc.) and adheres
to it. Consistently produces high-quality work. Follows company policies, demonstrates core values.

  • Innovation and Creativity - Able to think creatively, problem solve, be flexible and able to adjust to new ideas and processes.
Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree from four-year College or University required.
  • Some additional work experience also preferred.
  • Applicable degree fields include Civil Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Business, Math, or Political Science.
Professional Expertise:
  • Desire to learn and become proficient in a variety of subjects critical to successful outcomes in real estate development, including but not limited to: CEQA, environmental toxics and applicable regulatory agencies, real estate finance and pro formas, insurance, writing skills and critical thinking.
  • Learn to read plans and specifications and understand the construction process.
  • Develop a basic knowledge of BIM and critical-path scheduling.

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