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Noble Beast Dog Trainer Position


Due to our positive reputation in the canine community, as well as the high demand for our services, Noble Beast Dog Training is looking to bring on a few dog trainers as we expand our services in the upcoming year. We will be accepting resumes and setting up interviews to fill this position and add quality trainers to our already amazing dog training team!

We only hire contract trainers, but are happy to help you get set up as a contract trainer if you’re interested in coming on board.

Noble Beast Dog Training offers these fabulous benefits:

  • Teaming up with a successful and reputable dog training company that has worked with thousands of dogs in the metro Denver area. We not only have a solid and positive reputation, but have been training dogs in the metro Denver area for over 10 years.
  • A comprehensive and generous commission structure that will support a dog training career, or if you so choose, a part time job with adequate supplemental income. On average our full time trainers are making $3500.00 per month.
  • In addition to industry longevity and having a reputation of providing effective training, Noble Beast Dog Training has an extensive marketing plan already in place that supports its trainers. Not only do we cover 100% of marketing expenses, but you will have access to professional marketing material to boost your business as needed. In addition, the marketing plan we have in place yields on average 500 training requests per month. This means immediate clientele for you.
  • When you come on board with Noble Beast Dog Training you join a team. Not only will you have the support of the entire Noble Beast Dog Training staff to further educate and support your growth as a Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant, but we will support and push you in the dog training direction you’re most drawn to, be it fear, anxiety, and aggression cases, service dog training, a dog sport, puppy growth and development, or simply being the best darn pet dog trainer you can possibly be!
  • With education being one of our core values, we try to bring in 2 - 5 educational speaker each year. Where we do charge the general public for these seminars, workshops, and lectures - as a Noble Beast Dog Trainer you get these seminars are no cost or very low cost (depending on the speaker), so as to support your continued education.

In addition, so you can do what your best at – DOG & PEOPLE TRAINING, Noble Beast has a dedicated administrative staff to manage clientele for you. The Noble Beast Administrative Staff is here to provide immediate, professional, and friendly assistance in the following capacity:

  • Answer new and existing client emails and calls, help them understand our services, and aid them in choosing a training plan of action.
  • Pre-register and collect all paperwork, proof of vaccines, and payments up front so you don’t have to.
  • Connect clients with the Noble Beast Trainer they requested, or if they did not request a trainer, assist in placing them with the appropriate trainer or class based off of the area of town they reside and their specific training needs.

With that said, we are looking for self-driven, organized, team focused, professional, above average, fun and happy trainers who not only enjoy working with dogs, but people too. You must be knowledgeable, distinct, and a good problem solver. Lastly we are looking for people who are communicative - always coming from a place of respect, consideration, and empathy.

Job Details



The Noble Beast Group Day Training program is unique to Noble Beast and a progressive social training program for dogs. You will be expected to work with up to 6 dogs in a group, helping them with their dog communication skills, supporting and respecting boundaries of other beings, building confidence, body handling, and working on manners and obedience for 4 hours a day, 2 - 4 days a week. You will also be expected to complete a report card for each dog you work with that informs the owner about the dog interactions and successes, as well as putting a smile on their faces.

For a description of the service follow this link -

Regardless of your dog training experience:

  • Upon completion of phone AND face to face job interview, you will be expected to attend 1 unpaid “intern” day of Day Training (totaling 4 hours) as a working interview to see if this position would be a good fit.
  • Once you have completed your intern day and have expressed your desire to join our team, you will be expected to attend 8 days of formal ‘Group Day Training’ training at a pay rate of $40 per day with a Noble Beast Senior Trainer before getting your own group.
  • Upon completion of your 8 day training, you will be assigned your own location and dogs @ a pay rat of $60 per day.



In this capacity, you will be holding group classes and privates sessions for our clients.

Noble Beast has the following classes:

  • The Playful Pup Socialization Class
  • The Delightful Dog Class
  • The Devine Class
  • Canine Good Citizen Class
  • Clicker 101
  • Prickly Pooch (reactive dog class)
  • Private in home Delightful, Devine, and CGC Classes
  • Private in home customer private classes.
  • Private in home Prickly Pooch
  • Private in home Behavior Modification Training

All group classes, except the Playful Pup, have an existing curriculum in place and you would be expected to teach what is in that curriculum. We do not offer clicker training in these classes (except in Clicker 101), but are open to our trainers putting “specialty” classes together for the public outside of our group class curriculum. We only allow positive reinforcement and relationship focused training techniques. You will be expected to email homework after every class, and hold yourself to the highest professional standards.

For detailed descriptions of our classes and services follow this link -

We do not provide paid training for this position, but depending on your experience we can bypass some training:

  • You will be expected to attend and/or observe a 6 week Delightful Dog class to familiarize yourself with our curriculum.
  • You must team teach a 6 week Delightful Dog class with a senior trainer
  • Depending on your experience, we may allow you to offer your own classes or we may expect you to team teach a 5 week Devine Dog Class with a senior trainer.
  • You will be expected to observe/team teach 5 Playful Pup Classes
  • You will be expected to observe 5 in home private sessions
  • Once you have completed your private and group class training, you will be cleared to start taking on clients and offering group classes.

NOTE: You do not need to go step by step, you can stack your training so that you ready to start teaching within a 6 – 8 week period. For example, we offer 4 playful pup classes every weekend, so if you attend 4 one weekend and one the following weekend, you will be cleared to teach that class, even though you might still be in training for the Delightful Dog Class.

Noble Beast Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultants are needed in the following locations:

  • Downtown Denver

If you are interested in joining the Noble Beast Dog Training Team, have solid dog training experience, and are committed to continued learning and opportunities as a dog trainer - please send a resume’ and cover letter explaining why you feel you would be the best candidate for the position.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Commission

Salary: $800.00 to $4,000.00 /month


  • Formal Dog Training or Educational Training: 1 year (Required)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • Denver, CO (Preferred)