Clerical Technician

UM St. Joseph Medical Center - Towson, MD

What You Will Do:
CLERICAL SUPPORT: Follows written instructions accurately and in a timely manner.
Patients: gathers preoperatives studies, charts, outside studies and related information
for patient and places correctly in charts. Reviews patients charts for completeness.
Prepares and enters all departmental patient charges when applicable. Updates
administrative data screen on all patients daily. Accurately assembles admission and
discharge charts. Readies patient medical record for transfer to a different institution.
Prepares 'death' charts accurately. Files: Maintains orderliness of files and the nursing
station. Prepares admission packets to meet the demands of the unit. Checks charts
daily and adds needed/extra forms. Files forms, loose medical records and printed
reports daily. Thins medical records appropriately according to Medical Records
Department guidelines. Places medical record forms and other documentation in the
appropriate section of the patient's chart, properly labeled with patient identification and
ensures chart remains in proper order throughout the course of patients stay.
Inventory: monitors supply inventory, completes requisitions for supplies, forms,
equipment or services. Performs non-emergency equipment checks and notifies proper
personnel of malfunctions. Appropriately utilizes bar code system, label and pneumatic
tube system.

COORDINATION OF UNIT ACTIVITIES: Communications: Maintains and updates
communication resources, e.g. anesthesia, house physician, phone numbers and
pagers. Updates RN and CNA names and assigned beepers in system. Maintains
inventory, distribution and maintenance of all beebers and vocera as delegated. Knows
how to manage chart in the event of fire. Reports alarms to appropriate person.
Follows unit standard emergency protocols. Utilizes bedboard/bedtracking system to
update potential admission, discharge, and patient transfers. Notifies Transport
Resource Center with all patient deaths as delegated. Forwards patient's mail
appropriately after discharge. Nursing Support: Communicates any problems, concerns
or issues promptly to the nurse and follows unit standard emergency protocols. STAT
orders communicated to the RN immediately. Places medications in secured
medication drawer/cart/room upon receipt from pharmacy and alerts RN. Call bell
system: Updates and utilizes call bell system. Answers patient call lights and assists
patients promptly. Activates RN/CNA beeper with call bell system.

PATIENT CARE: Performs direct and indirect patient care activities following RN/LPN's
instructions, physician orders, policies, procedures and regulations based on
competencies. Participates with the RN in the attainment of accurate nursing
assessment, formulation, implementation and the evaluation of the nursing care plan,
taking into consideration the age and developmental needs of the patient. Observes,
reports and records the condition of the patient and /or the patient's response to
procedures and interventions. Assures patients are clean, well groomed, neat, free of
odor, dry and properly dressed. Assists with patient admission including: preparing
room; providing admission kit; greeting the patient; obtain vs, height and weight;
orienting patient to room equipment; and teaching patient process to order meal. Upon
patient discharge: gathering patient belongings; ensuring patient is appropriately
dressed; preparing room for terminal cleaning; returning equipment to appropriate
location. Recognizes and responds effectively to emergency situations:
initiates/maintains CPR; supports team by acquiring needed supplies.

PATIENT SAFETY: Patient Rooms: Ensures patient's belongings are secured. Keeps
patient's room neat and orderly reporting any maintenance or environmental services
needs. Completes patient room rounds hourly (or per unit protocol) utilizing call bell
system for documentation where applicable. Surrounding areas: Keeps hallways and
other common areas on the unit clear and free of supplies and equipment. Keeps
closets, carts, utility rooms, supply rooms, etc. neat and orderly. Utilizes linens and
supplies in a financially responsible manner following appropriate use policies. Reports
any unsafe conditions or faulty equipment to the charge nurse or PCC immediately and
follows up as necessary. Maintains refrigerator log as delegated. Records removal of
supplies from pyxis and manages unit supplies so that unit is well stocked at the end of
shift. Maintains unit safety checks.

TRANSCRIPTION AND CLINICAL SUPPORT: Accurately performs transcription of
physician orders and maintains forms within the department which contributes to
patient safety and accuracy of treatments. Maintains up to date forms in department
and discards outdated forms, responsible for current practice forms. Orders tests,
procedures, equipment and supplies according to physician orders. Transcribes
physician orders accurately. Completes the flagging of verbal orders upon transcription
and on all discharge charts. Scans copy of orders to pharmacy.

What You Need to Be Successful:
  • High School Diploma or GED (Required)
  • Non Degree Program: Completion of CNA Program. (Required)
Vocational / Technical Degree (Preferred)
Certification / Licensure / Registration
  • BLS Certification (Required)
  • State Nursing Assistant Certification (Required)
We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.