Delta Airlines - Wheelchair Agent PALM BEACH

Baggage Airline Guest Services Inc. - West Palm Beach, FL1.7

As a Customer Service provider at many airports across the United States we are seeking energetic and outgoing candidates to join our customer service team. With a proven level of exceptional customer service around the country, we are seeking professional, qualified candidates that are customer service oriented along with strong oral and are able to meet the physical demands to provide the Greatest Customer Service Ever!

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Bags Inc. is looking for driven, ambitious professionals eager to advance their career. Our mission is to provide the Greatest Customer Service Ever, and for that we need the greatest employees ever. Jump start your career with Bags, Inc. today, and help us to make travel easier.
A Wheelchair Attendant is located at an airport facility and provides passengers traveling in wheelchairs with additional assistance. Their responsibilities include pushing passengers in a wheelchair to or from their departure or arrival gate, assisting passengers with moving luggage to their vehicles, taxi stands, parking shuttle stations, and rental car stations. Wheelchair Attendants must maintain a friendly and positive attitude and always be attentive to each passenger’s individual needs.

Job Requirements
  • Ability to work rotating shifts
  • At least 18 years of age or older
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to lift 70 lbs. and push 200+ lbs. up an incline
  • Ability to work in outside weather conditions (hot, cold, rain, etc.)
  • Background Screen
  • Ability to obtain an airport badge
Appearance Guidelines:
  • Fingernails should not exceed ¼ inch beyond the fingertip, and polish must be a solid color that is complementary to your skin tone. No charms or decals are allowed.
  • Hair must be one solid natural color, and should be styled in a classic, easy to maintain style. Hair accessories must be a neutral color (silver, gold, black or brown) or a solid color that matches your attire.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings are allowed (with the exception of earrings-see below).
  • Jewelry should be limited to a wristwatch, one ring per hand, and one pair of earrings (only stud earrings dime sized or smaller and worn on the bottom of the earlobe).
  • Clean & well maintained approved Bags, Inc. uniforms must be worn at all times.
  • Aside from a fully grown mustache, males must be clean shaven. Beards and goatees are prohibited.
  • Hair must be one solid, natural color and must be neatly cut. It should not cover or extend beyond any part of the ears or the shirt collar.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings are allowed. Any tattoos must be covered by your uniform or other means agreed upon by management.
  • Jewelry should be limited to a wristwatch and one ring per hand.
  • Clean & well maintained approved Bags, Inc. uniforms must be worn at all times
Our ideal candidate has similar work experience and is customer service oriented with the ability to multi-task. As a leading service provider, we commonly introduce cutting edge technologies into the organization, which drives the need for challenge seekers interested in mastering new skills. In addition, we often work in team environments where strong organizational and communication skills lead to success.