Construction Manager - Entry Level

Ramapo Communication Corp. - South Hackensack, NJ (30+ days ago)

Opportunity open for a highly motivated recently graduated or graduating entry level Construction Manager.

See below for detailed description of requirements and duties:

CONSTRUCTION MANAGER : The Construction Manager fills a pivotal role in the function of the company and is responsible for adding value to the company by playing a critical role in ensuring effective execution of the core operational duties.
CORE OPERATIONAL DUTIES : Responsible for, but not limited to, estimating, planning, organizing, evaluating and scheduling the construction projects according to given specifications. Prepares schedules and monitors the work progress to exceed an allotted budget. Closely monitors the variances in material and labor in coordination with supervisors and management so that maximum profits can be gained. Conducts meetings regularly and implements various quality control programs, maintains quality assurance to exceed the required standards. Makes sure that all the cost and production targets are achieved by adhering to all company policies, ES&H, OSHA and DOT regulations.
Supervisor: Director of Operations, (Rich Pirro).
***Verbal communication without email confirmation will be at your own risk and you will be held accountable for any verbal miss communications***

Job Requirements:

· Bachelors in Construction Management, Valid Driver License and maintain a driving record as per Corporate policy, OSHA 30Hr. certification, CPR/First Aid certification, Computer skills Microsoft Office, Various client data based software systems.

Job Duties :

· Safety

Know the corporate safety policies and procedures
Ensure safety guide lines are adhered to within the warehouses, yards and job sites.
Review, monitor and maintain required documents for safety, security and quality processes
Provide safety training and orientations
Perform safety audits on site for in-house crews and subcontractors Weekly and document in safety files

· Coordinate crew and subcontractors schedules

Ensure all projects and schedules are kept up to date and coordinated with management and clients
Coordinate and schedule in-house crew to meet the project deadlines
Coordinate and schedule subcontractors to meet the project deadlines
Communicate schedules with management teams and adjust as needed

Ensure and document all DOT regulations
Utilize/monitor GPS tracking system to minimize drive time hours

· Maintain Equipment & Tools

Ensure crews are certified and trained to use assigned Tools & Equipment
Maintain sign out sheets for tracking of various tools & equipment
Schedule regular maintenance and calibrations and document
Perform regular inspection for climbing equipment and document

· Provide Safety and QA audits for subcontractors and in-house crews utilizing site audit forms.

· Crew meetings

Ensure crew lead meetings are held on a weekly basis (Wednesday mornings)
Ensure all hands meetings and safety topics are held monthly (Last Wednesday of every month)
All hands meeting will include:
Safety topics in conjunction with our safety policies and procedures
Near miss safety topics
QA issues and concerns
HR related issues and concerns

· Construction Management:

Oversee all maintenance & Trouble shooting for all carriers and clients
All Mode Projects, Ericsson, ALU, etc…

· Business Development

Solicit new clients and/or new business opportunities

Solicit new subcontractors

Develop and analyze reports and develop new ideas with the management team to establish and/or refine policies, procedures and methods that improve operational efficiency. Communicate results to upper management for potential implementation.


Material & Equipment Ordering –
Task Forms – All materials or equipment needed for a job site will be documented on a “Task Form”.
The Purpose:
Job Costing
PO Requests
Checks and Balances prior to the start of a given site.
The Process:

· CM will fill out the form

· Submit it to the warehouse manager to pick materials on hand, stage in the warehouse, notify the CM of its location and the materials that need to be ordered.

· Warehouse manager will receive the material order, verify the quantities and stage in warehouse location.

· Warehouse manager will then notify the CM that the order is complete

· Crew lead will check off the materials and equipment prior to mobilizing to the job site.

· Warehouse manager will scan & file the Task Form in the job folder for review later when materials come back from the job site.

PO Request – All materials or equipment that need to be ordered must have a PO processed in order to do so.
The Process:

· Request a quotations from the Vendors or Suppliers for the items needed for the order.

· Once you have received the quotations, fill out the PO Request form in full and use the lowest quoted cost.

· Submit the PO Request form along with the quotations from the various suppliers to upper management for approval. There are two ways you can submit the PO Request form, by hand or email:

By Email:
Email Director of Operations
Copy Accounts Payable
Subject - Site ID or Name followed by PO Request
Body of the email should contain what the request is for

· Once the request is approved by upper management, it is then processed with Accounts Payable (AP).

· Accounts Payable will issue the Purchase Order generated from our accounting system.

· Once you receive the PO from AP you can then place the order.

Daily Reporting – There are two types of reports, Daily Report (For crew members) and PM Daily Reports (For Management). The activities and man hours that are performed throughout the day will be documented on a Daily report, submitted for approval by your supervisor at the end of each day.
The Daily report will either be approved or rejected. You will be notified of the rejection and asked to make the proper corrections. *** Please note rejected Daily reports are counted against you and will be documented for review during your annual assessment ***

Job Type: Full-time


  • Construction Management: 1 year
  • Construction: 1 year


  • Bachelor's