Legacy Air, HVAC Technician

Legacy Air - Las Vegas, NV


We are an awesome family operated company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada with a current truck count of 19. We are looking for honest, self motivated team members to join our rapidly growing company. There is quite a bit of opportunity for growth (Paced at 70% for 2018) That means we need you more than you need us. We need your expertise and are offering the following to lure you away from those bad paychecks that you might be getting or sales quotas that your current employee might be expecting you to meet.
Unfortunately we are tapping out for the season on anyone with less than 3 years experience as we already have an army of "greenhorns", but if you have three years or more of experience you may very well get a job offer and a completely plutonic hug from management

Legacy Air offers the following above and beyond your hourly salary:

A hot breakfast every Monday and Thursday offered up at our shop should be enough, but if its not we also offer:

401k with 4% matching

Full health and welfare for you and your family W/dental & vision (Wife(s) (we don't judge) and kids included

A clean and vinyl wrapped van, fully stocked with tools and parts.

Commissions on new equipment (But not quotas)

Christmas Bonuses and paid vacations

We are constantly investing in you by paying for your continuing education whether it be our weekly training Sessions (Monday's soft skills training, Thursday's technical/hands-on training) is offered by Legacy Air or the parts houses.

A nights stay in the Lincoln Bedroom at the white house. (Just kidding. We haven't been able to swing that benefit yet, but we are working on it)

A Free Uniform Service

Ipads and Iphones.

You will be going to work for a company that actively cares about you and your family. We have two parties a year, one for you and your significant other, and one for you and your entire family.

Come meet with us and see how we separate ourselves from other companies

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $18.00 to $32.00 /hour


  • service technician: 3 years (Required)
  • HVAC: 3 years (Required)