Client Concierge & Enrollment Coordinator

Enso Health - Scottsdale, AZ

Full-time | Contract
Enso Health needs people like you to join a remarkable team, capable of solving really big, challenging problems which threaten the future of our families, friends and community.

We believe Alzheimer’s Disease is the world’s most personally, financially and emotionally devastating chronic disease. And we know through personalized medicine and proactive health that Alzheimer’s is preventable and a beautiful future can be reclaimed.

Our world-class team has done it before, and is questioning every assumption of healthcare, treatment, client experience, education, technology and relationships in the medical field. We believe by redesigning the current, failing chronic care model, we can deliver a remarkable experience with incredible results to those experiencing Cognitive Decline and/or invested in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease.

We will treat and/or prevent Cognitive Decline in one million people by 2025 and we need the best in the world to join us on this journey. You must be mission driven, highly talented, health focused and collaborative to join. And when you do join, you will be responsible to deliver your part toward a mission which will forever change the way we look at health.

It’s a challenge… are you up for it?

If you are, here’s what we need. No need to apply if you cannot meet or exceed all the below criteria.

Professional Roles & Responsibilities for the Client Concierge & Enrollment Coordinator position:

Your mission:
This opportunity is a 75 day contract engagement to ensure that every potential client has an remarkable experience while they make a decision to partner with us for a health transformation and an opportunity to change the world. At the end of 75 days you will have the opportunity to apply for a full-time position in our company.

You have the following experience:
Outside sales in a high-end service industry (cash-based medical preferred)

Phone sales


You are remarkable at:

Making people feel comfortable, safe and inspired

Getting commitments

Follow up

Leaving people with “wow” experiences after every interaction

Organization- Managing many different clients and their needs, in different parts of their journey

You report to:
Director of Experience

People who report to you:
None initially. Opportunity to build a support team as the Enso Health team grows.

You will be supported by:
Chief Executive Officer for presentations and sales support

Turn-key marketing, advertising and sales systems

You are accountable for:
You are ready to begin work by May 20th.
Assisting and confirming 100 individuals (plus their spouse) to come to a "Discovery Day" live educational presentation on either June 13th or 14th.

Enrolling 20 clients for our six-month pilot treatment program

Assisting with the assessment (lab & imaging coordination and scheduling) of the pilot program for all 20 clients during a two-week period in the greater Phoenix area.

Acting as concierge for all clients between the Discovery Day event and our "Immersion Event" on July 22nd.

Attending three-day immersion event as concierge during the event.

Facilitating the warm hand-off of clients to their respective coaches as the client's primary point of contact.

If Bob asked you “What is it you would say you do here?”, you would answer:

At Enso Health, I am the first person our potential clients speak with, after they have qualified to attend one of our Discovery Day events through our client qualification process. I take them from initial interest through engagement, education and finally enrollment in our six-month health transformation program. I help screen out individuals who would not be a good fit, and make sure those who are a good fit feel safe, comfortable and most importantly excited about the opportunity in front of them. I have discussions with these clients about the program cost and other commitment details and may coordinate with the CEO for the final enrollment if they have further questions.

After the client enrolls, I am their main point of contact for everything before the program starts with the immersive retreat. I coordinate all their lab draws and imaging appointments for the assessment and will actually be there with them to make the experience incredible. I check in with them multiple times each week to make sure their needs are being met and give them some easy things to work on before the program starts. I develop great relationships with each of these individuals and eventually provide a very warm hand-off to their health coach at the immersion event.

Personal Attributes:
At Enso Health, we have one core value:
Be Heroic - Make the person in-front of you the hero of their own journey.

And three guiding principles:
Proactive - We believe living reactively is at the core of every major problem in the world, including health. We live proactively and practice what we preach.

Generous - We share. We are generous with our time, our money, our knowledge and experience.

Remarkable - Everything we do has an element of wow, unique, innovative, surprise and memorable.

We are only interested in serious applicants who have done the above professional roles & responsibilities before, match the personal attributes of our company’s culture and are ready to perform at an exceptionally high level.