East West Tea Company -Yogi Tea - Eugene, OR

Full-time$14 an hour
Entry level Production positions are responsible for providing support within the production team - working most often in the Conveyor or Blending areas. This person must demonstrate an excellent attention to detail, safe and steady operation of machines on the production floor, and have good interpersonal communication skills. They must also have the ability to follow specific recipes and processes to mix raw materials together for future manufacturing and/or packaging. The physical nature of the work requires proper lifting technique and safe material handling practices. Continuously cleaning and sanitizing work areas, equipment and tools to insure product food safety and compliance to CFR 111 and company General Manufacturing Principles. This person will also be required and held accountable to accurately follow procedures and complete documentation in compliance with CFR 111 (food safety requirements).

Job Duties:Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Remove and stack finished product on pallets.
  • Prepare packaging and palletizing materials.
  • Knowing where packaging materials are stored to refill as they are consumed in the packaging process.
  • Reviewing inkjet information for accuracy and record on batch tickets.
  • Entering SKU & Batch numbers into inventory.
  • Starting/stopping the conveyor system when needed.
  • Performs QC checks and First Article records using inventory tracking system.
  • Communicate to team members as needed any changes or special instructions.
  • Perform inventory counts as needed and make appropriate adjustments within the ERP system.
  • Selects materials based on lot number and item number per batch ticket or recipe.
  • Safely weighs and transfers materials during the batch preparation process.
  • Accurately records consumption of all materials and verifies the records of others.
  • Cleans and sanitizes all equipment and tools as required between batches.
  • Assist in daily clean-up.
  • Operating machinery with a high degree of safety and accuracy at all times.
  • Other duties as requested by the Production Supervisor
Ability to:
  • Understand and retain instructions and knowledge.
  • Work effectively with coworkers in a constructive and positive manner.
  • Respect coworkers in actions and communication.
  • Work with minimal supervision.
  • Work on off shifts if required by Company needs.
Work Environment:
  • Work is primarily in a warehouse/production setting.
  • Exposure to dust, noise, ambient temperatures, forklifts and moving machinery.
  • Dress code includes hairnet and/or beard guard and company issued clothing cover/uniform
Physical Requirements:
  • Must be able to stand and walk for up to an 8 hour shift and sometimes longer with breaks.
  • Must possess good mobility and dexterity.
  • Must be able to frequently lift up to 40 lbs.
  • Must be able to occasionally lift up to 60 lbs.