Ford of Chapel Hills - Service Advisor

Ford of Chapel Hills - Colorado Springs, CO (30+ days ago)

Automotive Service Advisor***$2500 Relocation Bonus***

Phil Long Dealerships are striving to be the best service departments in the country. We need good Service Advisors, like you, to join our team. Minimum 3 years experience in a dealership required for this position.

We have had tremendous growth over the last year and we want you to benefit from that growth.

Join our team and score a minimum $2500 Relocation bonus for a qualified and tenured service advisor.

We make the transition as easy as possible:
  • We guarantee your current pay for the first 90 days
  • We have flexible schedules
  • We will honor any prearranged vacation days
Our family of Service Advisors enjoy these benefits:
  • Full Family Benefits - Medical and Dental
  • 401k
  • Factory and in house training
  • State of the art facilities and computer software
  • Earn additional cash spiffs, above and beyond your regular pay
  • FUN and relaxed work environment
  • Stunning and beautiful city to live in
Call Steve Lacy at 719-667-2910 or email and set up an interview today. Advance your career and your earnings.

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