County of Contra Costa, California - Martinez, CA (30+ days ago)3.6

In Environmental Services:Assists in the following tasks:
Sweeps, vacuums, wet mops, and buffs floors using electrical buffing equipment; cleans and disinfects face bowls, furniture, equipment, walls, commodes, bath tubs, and other bathroom fixtures; replenishes towels, toilet tissue, soap and light bulbs; gathers soiled linen; assists in sewing, mending, sorting, weighing and issuing linen, bedding and clothing; maintains materials used in institutional cleaning work

At Juvenile Hall:
Washes laundry
Assists in the inventory, pricing and issuing of food to the kitchen
Monitors food tickets involved in the purchase of food
Ships and receives deliveries of food, supplies and equipment

In Food Services:
Assists in dishing up individual servings in kitchen or cafeteria lines
Assists in weighing and measuring food portions
Helps set up and deliver food trays and diet nourishment
Transports food and utensils by pushing carts from the kitchen to various parts of the institution and returns to kitchen
Loads, unloads and cleans food carts
Helps wash dishes, pots and kitchen utensils by hand or by using mechanical equipment
Helps set up and maintain employees' eating area
Assists in the operation of simple vegetable and peeling and slicing machines
Empties garbage; sweeps, vacuums and wet mops floors
Disinfects ceilings and walls
May be required to operate a cash register or serve nourishment on an intermittent relief basis
Minimum Qualifications
In order to be considered for a position through the Bridge to Success program, candidates must be in possession of a Disability Determination Form issued by the California State Department of Rehabilitation, which must be submitted along with an application. Failure to submit the Department of Rehabilitation Certificate will result in disqualification.