NOMS Healthcare - Cleveland, OH3.0

Full-timeEstimated: $26,000 - $34,000 a year
Duties and Responsibilities:
Complies with all HIPAA and OSHA regulations and policies.
Assesses patient's general condition and takes vital signs and weight.
Assists physicians with examinations, diagnostic procedures and treatments.
Provides basic patient care as ordered.
Documents all activities/interventions, patient/family responses, medication dispensed/prescribed, etc., in the medical record.
Promotes wellness by providing patient education materials, communicating physician advice/instructions.
Adheres to infection control/safety guidelines, and confidentiality policies.
Sets up instruments/equipment according to department procedures; cleans instruments and equipment between patient visits; maintains equipment according to scheduled maintenance program and keeps appropriate records. Reports equipment malfunctions to supervisor.
Maintains examination rooms including cleaning exam/procedure rooms between patient visits. Stocks necessary supplies (medical and radiologic) as required.
Additional Responsibilities for LPN’s in offices with Radiologic Procedures:
Prepare patients for radiologic procedures. Takes x-rays following established procedures for patient care and safety.
Uses a variety of radiation protection and shielding materials.
Logs radiologic procedures completed. Processes related paperwork using computer equipment as directed.
Develops and processes radiologic film. Delivers, picks up and returns film.
Willing to travel to various locations.

Knowledge and Skills Required:
Knowledge of basic nursing principles and protocols.
Knowledge of policies and procedures related to infection control, environmental safety and patient confidentiality.
Knowledge of medical chart reporting/records.
Skill in appropriate assessment and assistance techniques.
Skill in appropriate use of universal precautions, safe workplace and confidentiality methods.
Skill in health information management by appropriately charting patient data.
Skill in identifying equipment problems and correcting or notifying supervisor.
Ability to work effectively as team members with physicians and other staff.
Ability to appropriately interact with patients, families, staff and others.
Ability to flexibly respond to changing demands.
Ability to apply written instructions and standardized work practices.
Ability to communicate clearly.
Additional Knowledge and Skills for LPN’s in offices with Radiologic Procedures:
Knowledge of x-ray procedures and protocols.
Knowledge of anatomy and physiology necessary to perform x-ray testing including body mechanics and patient movement.
Knowledge of radiology equipment including safety hazards common to radiology.
Skill in positioning patients properly.

Education and Work Experience:
High school graduation or GED
Graduate of a two-year accredited nursing school.
Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a medical office.

Environmental/Working Conditions:
Combination of office and exam offices. Frequent exposure to communicable diseases, bodily fluids, toxic substances, medicinal preparations. Hepatitis B vaccination and TB test required.

Physical/Mental Demands:
Varied activities including sitting, walking, stooping, lifting, bending, reaching. Occasional stress from workload. Must be able to use a variety of office equipment including phone, writing instruments, PC, fax and medical equipment including stethoscope, Xray machine, eye washing equipment, blood pressure cuff.