AP&P Investigator I - Roster 5/2019

State of Utah - Utah3.6

Do you want to help make a difference? As an Adult Probation and Parole Investigator I (non law enforcement) you prepare reports that provide critical information to the Court and Board of Pardons and Parole during the sentencing process. If you are up for the challenge don't miss your chance to apply to be an Adult Probation and Parole Investigator I!

Adult Probation and Parole Investigator I work directly with individuals who have been referred by the Court for the completion of an investigative report. You will conduct interviews and assessments, review criminal histories, contact victims, determine restitution and interact with law enforcement, district attorneys and defense attorneys.

The Ideal Candidate
Experience working in the criminal justice system
Excellent communication skills both verbally and written
Exceptional writing skills with the ability to write clearly and concisely within allowable timeframes.
Ability to maintain confidentiality of information obtained in the process of the investigation
Ability to work collaboratively and independently as appropriate

This recruitment will be used to fill AP&P Investigator I positions for approximately 1 year in various locations around the State of Utah.

The entry hourly rate for Investigator I is $19.02
Internal UDC employees Salary will be based on the current Promotional Policy. (If the increase brings you above the top of the range, your increase will stop at the top of the range.)

Why You Should Join Our Team
Investigator I have a moderately flexible work schedule. Appointments with individuals occur Monday through Friday. You will also work side by side with our team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the public's safety. And you will receive great health and retirement benefits. Click here to view a summary of the benefits we offer. We also provide a generous paid time off so you can spend more time with your family and have a positive work-life balance.

The Agency
The Utah Department of Corrections is a dedicated team of professionals who ensures public safety by effectively managing offenders while maintaining close collaboration with partner agencies and the community. Our team is devoted to providing maximum opportunities for offenders to make lasting changes through accountability, treatment, education, and positive reinforcement within a safe environment. For more information on the Utah Department of Corrections please click here.

Example of Duties: Gathers background information, interviews clients and collateral contacts, visits jails or prisons if required to collect information, etc; evaluates credibility of sources, circumstances, and other related factors.
Applies evidence based practices through assessment, offender interactions, and case planning.
Analyzes, summarizes and/or reviews data; reports findings, interprets results and/or makes recommendations.
Conducts interviews to gather or clarify information.
Conducts special investigations for the courts and/or Board of Pardons & Parole and processes paperwork involved.
Preparing documents consisting of concise decisions based upon facts, interpretations of law, and compliance with state sentencing guidelines and law.

Typical Qualifications:
(includes knowledge, skills, and abilities required upon entry into position and trainable after entry into position)
Use logic to analyze or identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts associated with information or data to draw conclusions
Speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally
Evaluate information against a set of standards
Find, gather and collect information or data
Communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing
Familiar with agency and/or organizational program(s)
Maintain confidentiality
Make a decision or solve a problem by using logic to identify key facts, explore alternatives, and propose quality solutions
Deal with people in a manner which shows sensitivity, tact, and professionalism
Effective interviewing techniques
Knowledge of probation and parole rehabilitation process
Familiar with court/hearing, rules, records, procedures and protocol
Must possess a valid Utah driver's license
Must possess a high school diploma or GED

Supplemental Information: Testing process information:
Investigator I Point Breakdown
Written Test/Essay Report Exercise Scenario Interview T2E2
Total Points
Possible 100 Points 100 Points 100 Points 100 Points 100 Points
Cut Off
Point 70% 70% 70% 70% 0%
Cut off Point
Value 70 70 70 70 0

All applicants who are eligible to participate in the recruiting process are required to attend one of three initial testing sessions. You will be notified via email within 3 business days of the recruitment closing if you are moving forward in the testing process.

The initial testing is scheduled for:
June 4, 2019, at 410 West 9800 South, Sandy, UT 84070 (Public Safety Education & Training Center)
June 5, 2019, at 410 West 9800 South, Sandy, UT 84070 (Public Safety Education & Training Center)
June 10, 2019, at 410 West 9800 South, Sandy, UT 84070 (Public Safety Education & Training Center)

Out of State Applicants:
Out of state applicants must be available to attend one of the three testing sessions if invited to continue in the process.

Retired or Retiring Applicants:
If you have previously retired or are considering retirement from another URS contributing agency and are looking for an excellent opportunity with Adult Probation and Parole, you are encouraged to apply.

Promotions and Promotion Lists:
The Division of Adult Probation and Parole has identified this recruitment as a "List" position. Candidates will be offered positions based on their placement (after promotional testing and background checks) on the "list" until approximately 1 year has passed or the list is exhausted. All offers are considered conditional upon successful completion of a field-training program and probation. Candidates who are not currently employed with the State of Utah may test for "list" positions but will not be offered positions until all new hire requirements are satisfied. Upon satisfaction of all new hire requirements, candidates are "eligible" for positions, according to their ranking on the list.

Time, Training, Education and Experience (T2E2) points will not be used to eliminate you from the testing process. If you make the final hiring list, T2E2 points will be factored into your overall score and will be reflective in your final position on the hiring list. If you do not make the final hiring list, T2E2 points, will not be considered.

Documentation (proof) may be requested at any time to verify the accuracy of the information the applicant indicates on the application.

Before an offer is made or applicants are placed on a "list," a complete background check will take place that includes:
Review of performance evaluations and notes
Check of employee personnel files and review for disciplinary issues
Criminal background check
References, including current supervisor. If any issues are revealed during the background check that are concerning and do not merit offering a position, you will be notified of the reason and will be removed from the recruitment list.
There may be situations when the hiring official will use a lateral transfer to fill a position.

If a candidate declines an offer for a particular location he or she will remain on the hiring list for other potential offers in locations they are willing to work. The hiring list will be used for approximately one year. You will only be offered a job for the locations you select you are willing to work.

Please be mindful as you consider accepting a position in locations across the State. You must agree to work in any given location for 2 years prior to transferring to another region. Lateral transfers between regions are done at the discretion of AP&P administration and will be offered on a limited basis.

Preferred Qualifications for Adult Probation/Parole Investigator I:
18 months experience as a correctional officer or law enforcement officer or a Bachelor degree.
Time with the Department: A maximum of 25 points are available, with 1 point per year of UDC service, past or present.

Training: Applicant awarded 3 points per area of training. A maximum of 21 points or 7 training areas allowed)

LS/RNR Certificate
Motivational Interviewing Certificate
MRT Instructor
Graduated Responses Certificate
Effective Correctional Principles Certificate
Carey Guide & BITS Certificate
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
Instructor Development Course
Certified Public Manager (CPM) Certificate
First Line Supervisor Training

Education: Maximum of 30 points
Points 16 *college credit hours = 1 points
32 *college credit hours = 2 points
48 *college credit hours = 4 points
Completed College Level Certification Program = 5 points
Completed Associates = 10 points
Completed Bachelors = 20 points
Completed Masters = 30 points
  • College Credit Hours = Semester hours or equivalent
Experience Credit Checklist: Applicant awarded 3 points per area of experience. Assignment must be for a minimum of 12 months to count toward experience points (Maximum of 24 points or 8 experience areas allowed)
Prior investigative experience
Technical writing experience
Teaching or facilitating classes to staff or offenders
Criminal information background/experience (BCI)
Prior experience working with corrections / law enforcement databases
Prior experience supervising adult / juvenile clients / or providing social services
Fluent in another language
Prior supervisory experience

Risks found in potentially dangerous or unusual environmental stress situations, e.g. being subject to possible physical attack, etc.

Hiring officials may identify additional related skills and requirements as preferences for this position.


Members of minority population groups are encouraged to apply.