Creative Director

Mobiquity - Wayne, PA3.6

Full-timeEstimated: $110,000 - $150,000 a year
We are looking for a Creative Director with exceptional design experience to manage a creative team of user experience architects, interaction and visual designers responsible for the design of elegant, usable and highly engaging mobile user experiences. The ideal candidate must have a relevant degree and at least fifteen years experience (with at least five years in design management) in applying a human-centered design methodology to all phases of the mobile and/or web application design and development process.

The Creative Director we hire must be exceptionally skilled and experienced in all facets of the user experience strategy and design process and will be ultimately responsible for the quality, efficiency and timeliness of the creative work emanating from the team of creative resources under their management. In addition to being an exceptional manager and people person the Creative Director should be adept at conducting user research, capturing audience needs and business goals, developing UX strategies, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing; mentoring and overseeing design projects with user experience architects, interaction and visual designers; collaborating with project managers, technical architects, business analysts and application developers and have experience leading and managing engagements, estimating, solutioning, collaborating on proposals and assisting in the generation of new business opportunities. In this position the Creative Director will wear many hats and will have the opportunity to work with our rapidly growing team of passionate and talented strategists, designers, system architects and developers and gain exposure to a wide range of mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, and Windows Phone etc.

So… If you’ve been there, done that

If you are a “real human being” – trusting, trustworthy, compassionate. You are a feeling and thinking person with enough life experience and comfort in your own skin.

If you can be of your own mind - operate as a team and independently when needed.

If you have the ability to take direction and give it… even when things seem unclear.

If you can be a leader…and not just an administrator.

If you can be creative. You have the ability to betray the norm, to make connections and motivate.

If you can be urgent – the clock is ticking and the client’s problem IS our problem.

If you can be contagiously passionate – have the ability to transfer the work to people whom you have emotionally engaged.

If you can be virally inspiring, be clearly able to inspire people to get to get the work to a bar that clients have to jump to in order to attain on their own.

If you can be resourceful – find it, get it and do it. Take the mud and make it clear, in the face of ambiguity with an answer that compels.

If you are an expert storyteller, not just a story reader. Articulate in a story… a moment… a meme... and idea that changes clients minds and businesses.

If you are a doer. Use pencils. Use paint. Use pixels. Use crayons. Doesn’t matter as long as you are a doer of things and can be a director of them.

If you are curious. Super spidey sense curious. Naturally curious.

If you are interested. If you are interesting. You have diverse experiences. You have diverse stories to tell. You want to discover more, about us, our clients, and yourself.

If you are empathetic. You read people. You read situations, big and little. You adjust yourself and others. You see the mood, and you change it for the better.

And the responsibilities are:
Manage the delivery of creative services of the team under their management.
Responsible for the quality, efficiency and timeliness of services delivered by the creative team under their management.
Responsible for resource scheduling, demand prediction and capacity planning.
Mentor and oversee UX strategy and design engagements, working closely with project managers and lead UX architects to ensure the smooth and exceptional delivery of strategy and design services.
Collaborate with solution architects, sales and client partners to develop innovative, cost effective and value enhancing solutions for our clients.
Support the sales process by attending to sales calls, identifying opportunities, making presentations and assisting the sales and solutioning team to sell proposals.
Support our marketing team by evangelising our usercentered strategy and design process and the benefits it brings to mobile experience design.
Facilitate brainstorming sessions and conduct stakeholder interviews to elicit business requirements from our clients, addressing product, brand, marketing, content and overall user experience.
Synthesize qualitative, quantitative and customer data to guide client business decisions and drive change by translating your research insights into actionable recommendations; then work with both internal and client teams to lead the execution of those recommendations.
Plan and execute usability studies (using formal or guerilla UX testing tactics), contextual interviews, usability testing, competitive reviews, and surveys.
Independently lead collaborative design sessions with the target audience, interactive designers, technical developers, and project managers to generate superb design work and happy clients.
Conduct iterative testing throughout project development lifecycle and develop rapid high and low fidelity mockups when necessary.
Develop relevant documentation, which may include audience profiles, journey maps & diagrams, personas, activity scenarios, information/interaction architectures, wireframes and usability test plans.
Work closely with cross-functional teams to help align our client's business goals with their user's objectives.
Help champion usability standards and user experience/human-centered design for the most intuitive and delightful application experience.
Contribute to the strategy and implementation of a human-centric experience design methodology across all our client engagements.
Contribute to the internal development of UX processes, deliverables and standards.
Stay abreast of innovations in UX best practices, tools and topics of interest to the UX community and help to infuse them back into the organization.
Develop new types of deliverables, workshops, or presentations as necessary.
Mentor and direct the work of contractors or other UXAs in a supporting role.
Contribute to our culture and atmosphere, quality of work and growth into the next generation of user experience design.

Your skills:
Strong human factors background, information architecture, human-centered design and user testing including managing UX projects and assigned personnel.
Experience working with both internal and external development and design teams.
A commitment to quality and continuous improvement including a willingness to question current practice, to be hands-on and with strong attention to detail.
Excellent organizational and presentation skills, ability to manage several projects at the same time.
Ability to communicate with all levels of management and staff to achieve desired outcomes and build strong alliances and relationships.
Strong understanding of the limitations and advantages of developing apps on iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office products.
Proficiency with Adobe Creative Cloud, OmniGraffle and OmniPlan considered a plus.
A strong personal portfolio that showcases deep and extensive experience with software, web, and mobile interface design.
15+ years experience with user-centred design processes and 5+ years in creative management.
10+ years experience working in an agency/consulting practice with a proven ability to work with major international brands.
Knowledge of web and mobile standards, technology and terminology.
Experience designing for Mobile devices considered a plus.
Ability to question assumptions and establish a new normal for Mobile / Web Platform and Tools design.
Knowledge of various user research methodologies such as field research, survey creation, and benchmarking studies is highly desirable.
BA/BS or advanced design degree, related degree or equivalent experience (Human Factors, etc.)