Performance Instructor-Wknds

Lowe's Inc. - Cheyenne, WY3.7

I.Job Summary: The purpose of this position is to train, and qualify Operations Team Members in the Regional distribution center (RDC). The Performance Instructor is an experienced Team Member who assists the Operations Coach in coordinating training activities for the Operations Team Members. The Performance Instructor must be able to train and build a culture of safety among Team Members to achieve a safe working environment. The Performance Instructor trains Team Members on new equipment and new tasks within operations so that rotation of staff within Operations can occur. The Performance Instructor supports Team Members in resolving minor issues with the WMS system, while also performing the same tasks of a Team Member to achieve performance targets.

II.II. Essential Functions and Responsibilities: • Ensure all Team Members comprehend and execute safe practices

a.Train Team Member on best methods when demonstrating a particular task (new hire and Team Member’s cross-training)

b.Train Team Member on the use of the Laser Radio Terminal (LRT) gun and its function

c.Observe Team Member “Demonstration of Skills” on equipment; certify Team Member on equipment when ready

d.Observe underperforming Team Members and offer tips and best methods on performing a particular task

e.Perform daily tasks of a Team Member (see RDC Team Member job description) III. Additional Duties and Responsibilities: • Handle all issues with team member’s laser radio terminal (LRT) guns and contact the appropriate party to resolve issue so that team member can continue working • Discuss and resolve issues with Team Members or issues between Team Members • Locate all missing equipment at shift end not in its designated area.