Legal Assistant/Junior Paralegal

Leon & Saltiel, PLLC - Coral Gables, FL


Are you the newest Paralegal for our law firm?

We are a fast-growing, busy law firm that helps ordinary people across the state of Florida build their businesses and protect their legacy.

We need you to be the best first impression we can make on all the people who reach out to us for legal help, general information, appointment scheduling, case updates, or other matters where a friendly, knowledgeable person makes the difference between extreme frustration or extreme satisfaction.

You should be the kind of person who gets a deep satisfaction from dealing with people and helping solve their problems or give them relevant information. You must be a "people person", meaning you know how to handle all types of personalities, even the ones that occasionally make it difficult. You must know how to make people happy without being a pushover. And you must have a deep desire to work for a firm that wants to grow like crazy and makes a real difference in people's lives.

Because we're a successful statewide firm, we have a lot of people demanding our attention and we need you to help sort all that out. You’re going to spend a lot of time on the phone talking to these kinds of people:

  • Court staff and sometimes Judges;
  • Lawyers from other law firms;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Reporters and news media;
  • Pesky salespeople trying to get past the "gatekeepers";
  • Current clients;
  • Prospective new clients and leads.

Because we wouldn't exist without our current and prospective clients, those last two are the most important of all.

Commercial Litigation and Probate experience is a plus, however being open to learning new skills is just as important. To be a key player on our team, you must be passionate about helping clients, have excellent oral and written skills, be an empathetic listener, and have a great attitude. Must be excellent with clients, professional, and willing to develop relationships in order to satisfy clients. You must also speak Spanish and English fluently.

If you're not already imagining yourself loving this job, then stop reading now. We don't want anyone who's not going to love working here and might even crawl over broken glass for the chance to work with us. But if you feel something that inspires, excites, or intrigues you about this posting, keep reading.

Why in the world would you work for us when we're obviously suffering from an ego problem? Here are some of the reasons you might:

  • You want to be part of a team that delivers results and literally make our clients cry tears of joy;
  • You read this ad and felt a surge of excitement;
  • You want to be challenged, not bored by the work you're doing forty hours of your life every week;
  • You want to work with people you actually like;
  • You want to work with other people who enjoy what they do every day;
  • You want the chance to earn regular raises and performance bonuses;
  • You have hopes, goals, and dreams for yourself, and would be inspired by spending time with like-minded people;
  • You can find passion and purpose in helping to accomplish a greater mission.

If these apply to you, you'll thrive here. And here are some reasons you shouldn't apply for this position:

  • You're scared, angered, or even offended, by anything you read in this ad;
  • You often use the phrase "It's not my job;"
  • You're just looking to punch a clock instead of serve a greater purpose;
  • You're unwilling to commute to East Kendall. (You'll visit our office before you get an offer, but for now, figure somewhere near Dadeland Mall);
  • You're unwilling to grow or learn new skills;
  • You're unhappy with yourself or life in general;
  • You're complacent or stagnant;
  • You've never told a friend or team member "I've got your back."

Do us, and yourself, a favor and don't apply if you see yourself in any of those.

If you're still reading, you're intrigued and we're intrigued. And because we want to build a team of high-performance winners who aren't afraid of a challenge, we expect you to prove yourself. Again, if that idea doesn't thrill you, stop reading now.

So here's how to apply. Make a great first impression by following these directions exactly:

You MUST attach, in PDF format, a copy of your résumé or CV, which must include your name, email address, street address, daytime phone number, your work history in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top) with all time gaps explained (in school, unemployment, whatever. . . honesty is the best policy), and your education. You MUST also include a cover letter. In the body of the cover letter please answer, in one to five sentences, this question: What comes easily to you that doesn't come easily to other people and why do you want this job?

If you do not follow these directions, we will reject you without further consideration or notice. If this upsets you, don't bother applying.

We will contact you within ten days if you qualify for the second round of consideration. We won't contact you if you don't qualify. GOOD LUCK!

Job Type: Full-time


  • High school (Required)


  • Spanish (Required)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)