Community Engagement Manager

Tennessee Hospital Association - Brentwood, TN5.0

Full-time$50,000 - $55,000 a year
The Tennessee Center for Health Workforce Development (TCWD) is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health of Tennesseans by guiding healthcare workforce development in the state. TCWD’s areas of focus include: recruiting and placing primary care physicians in shortage areas, providing incentive money to medical residents in exchange for a commitment to work with underserved populations, providing incentive funds to hospitals and community health centers to attract qualified caregivers, matching medical residents with rural rotations, addressing nursing issues and educating Tennessee students about the healthcare professions. TCWD is a division of the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA).

Job Summary:
The Community Engagement Manager (CEM) is responsible for a wide range of duties in support of advancing TCWD’s mission to lead healthcare workforce development in Tennessee. The CEM will ensure that those who could benefit from TCWD are aware of its mission and engaged in its programs. The CEM will create social media posts, marketing materials, design presentations, maintain the website and continue the development of TCWD’s social media platforms. Working under direction, the CEM will develop content and create designs for TCWD’s print, email and virtual presence. The CEM will also present information about TCWD programs and incentives in person, as needed, including to partners, medical students and residents.

Essential Functions of the Job: (listed in order of importance) List your principal accountabilities; identify what you do, what end results you are accountable for, and how you measure your success.

1. The ability to adapt to a changing work environment and meet challenges presented throughout the day.

2. Engage the community with TCWD’s mission and incentives.

  • Manage social media postings including content, frequency and engagement with audience
  • Develop original content for virtual platforms, email campaigns and blogs/vlogs with the goal of increasing engagement and awareness of TCWD divisions, programs and incentives
  • Create and implement procedures to notify politicians, community members and the general public about TCWD success stories
  • Regularly update and maintain the TCWD website
  • Take pictures at TCWD events (to be used for social media and marketing materials)
  • Coordinate filming and social media posting of TCWD vlogs
  • Design PowerPoint presentations for TCWD staff
  • Create marketing materials using TCWD’s brand
  • Create and distribute social media and email campaigns
  • Collaborate with TCWD staff to design and facilitate video filming
3. Work closely with the TCWD staff to develop messaging about TCWD incentives and initiatives.

4. Represent TCWD to THA’s marketing and communications department.

  • Coordinate with THA to disseminate TCWD’s messaging to THA members
  • Work closely with THA’s marketing and communications department to produce TCWD materials
5. Assist the Director of Workforce Development in connecting one-on-one with candidates interested in the Residency Incentive (formerly Stipend), Behavioral Health Incentives and the Community Incentive and assist applicants with any questions about the process, including:

  • Visit Tennessee medical schools, residency programs, partner organizations, hospitals, clinics and other practice sites across the state to educate interested parties about TCWD programs and incentives
  • Match candidates to jobs and stay connected with both throughout the recruiting life cycle
  • Regularly connect with TCWD alumni and implement retention strategies
  • Speak publicly at partner events
6. Assist with other TCWD initiatives and events, including:
  • Introduce middle and high school students to healthcare careers and educational training opportunities in Tennessee
  • Educate partners, policy makers, students and others about TCWD initiatives, workforce needs in the state, graduate medical education (GME) and other relevant topics
  • Assist with the buildout of the Nursing initiative
  • Assist the TCWD Senior Network Director with Pipeline projects as needed
7. Must be available for out of town travel approximately 5 percent of the time, including overnight, be able to drive an automobile and maintain a valid driver’s license. Travel may include:

  • Visiting Tennessee medical schools, residency programs, partner organizations, hospitals, clinics and other practice sites across the state
  • Exhibiting at local and national industry conferences to increase TCWD visibility with partners, leaders and the medical profession
  • Attending local and national conferences to develop knowledge of rural health issues and best practices in clinician recruitment and retention
8. Make recommendations for additional resources needed to successfully develop TCWD programs and divisions.

9. Must be available in the office during regular office hours unless job responsibilities require otherwise.

10. Develop and maintain awareness of current practices in social media marketing

Marginal Job Functions:
1. Stay abreast of issues and resources that affect workforce development on the federal and state levels.

2. Participate and/or lead committees, webinars and conference calls.

3. Attend state and national meetings relevant to marketing, healthcare workforce and/or the referral and placement of healthcare clinicians with underserved populations.

4. Assist with production of any white papers, grant applications, webinars, videos or other pieces that TCWD produces.

Skills Required for Perform the Functions of the Job:
1. Proficient in social media marketing

2. Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, In Design or web-based design programs like Canva

3. Exceptional interpersonal skills

4. Public speaking

5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

6. Project management skills

7. Independent problem-solving ability

8. Strategic and critical thinking skills

9. Ability to analyze information and data and translate into action items

10. Literate in Microsoft Office Suite including; Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Educational and Experience Requirements Needed to Perform the Duties of the Job:

1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field required

2. Minimum of two years of relevant professional experience

3. Experience working in social media, sales, healthcare, graduate medical education or medical recruiting preferred but not required

Organizational Structure: (Positions reporting directly to you, if any, and their areas of responsibility)


Guidance & Direction: (Policies, precedents or procedures that guide your work)

1. TCWD Recruitment and Retention Policies

2. No-cost contract with the State of Tennessee Bureau of TennCare

3. Contractual obligations to the four Tennessee GME medical schools

4. TCWD Bylaws

5. TCWD Marketing and Communications Plan