Engineer/Associate Engineer I (61034658)

State of South Carolina - Dillon County, SC (30+ days ago)2.9

Job Responsibilities
During SCDOT employment, trains to assists the Resident Construction Engineer in inspecting all contractors work to ensure that work is in accordance with plans and specifications. Trains in specialized inspection areas of inspection areas of earthwork, asphalt, concrete and foundations. Trains in traffic control and erosion control inspections. Trains to obtain samples and certifications of materials to submit to the laboratory for testing and acceptance. Trains to input sample and certification data into Site Manager. Trains to review sampling requirements and test results to ensure that adequate samples have been obtained to represent the materials used during construction. Trains to perform office work involving engineering data as well as compiling quantities, preparing reports and as-built construction plans. Trains to monitor contractor and department personnel staking of construction items, to check contractor performed staking for accuracy and ensure that any necessary changes are made in a timely manner, to perform topographical surveys on material pits and compute quantities for payment, and to compute grades for all types of bridge and roadway construction projects, pavement grades, curb grades, pile cut-off elevations, cuts and fills, bench marks and other pertinent elevations.

Minimum and Additional Requirements
A bachelor's degree in engineering or engineering technology; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations.

A valid motor vehicle operator's license is required.

Preferred Qualifications

Additional Comments
A Resume may be included but NOT substituted for completing the entire application. Resumes are not reviewed to determine if an applicant meets requirements of position. Supplemental questions are considered part of the application and must be completed.