Project Manager for Dam Constuction

Big Elk Meadows Association - Lyons, CO (30+ days ago)

Big Elk Meadows Association Reconstruction of Meadow Lake Dam

Big Elk Meadows Association (BEMA), located in Big Elk Meadows, Colorado (County Road 47 off Hwy 36 between Lyons and Estes Park) isrequesting proposals for the project management of Meadow Lake Dam that was destroyed in the September, 2013 flood.Scope of work requires owner’s representation and project management of the above project based on the scope of work listed below. Meadow Lake Dam will be paid for with CDBG-DR funds so the applicant should have experience managing projects with this type of funding including understanding the filing/documentation submittal process associated with government funding. To date, the dam has been engineered and a qualified contractor has been selected, thus the scope of work will be to oversee the construction of the dam, identify and work with BEMA to contract additional services associated with the dam construction and file all required documentation for payment and closeout of the project.BEMA may have additional project management service needs if funding for an additional project is secured.This project may run concurrently with Meadow Lake Dam, however it would be assigned though a separate contract. Qualified contractors, including MBE, WBE, SBE and DBE certified companies are encouraged to apply.

Scope of Work

The following scope of work will be executed by the Project Manager/Owner’s Representative with Big Elk Meadows Associations (BEMA) for the Big Elk Meadows Meadow Dam Reconstruction Project.

Oversight and coordination between work performed on the dam construction is included in this scope.The following services were developed to provide construction management services.

Provide Construction Management Services

The Project Manager/Owner’s Representative will provide the following construction phase services and administration as summarized below:

  • Provide construction over sight as required for the construction duration.
  • Oversee timely project team meetings
  • Assist in scheduling and attending public hearings
  • Provide administration and management services to coordinate the Contractor and Owner interface on the site
  • Prepare master project schedules
  • Work with the contractor to provide directives and project administration to help meet the construction schedule.
  • Schedule engineers, contractor and Owner coordination meetings during construction
  • Review the contractors’ construction progress in accordance with the schedule
  • Prepare Owner’s Representative reports
  • Oversee the preparation of as-built drawings and other performance documents on site
  • Prepare timely reports of progress to Owner
  • File construction reports to Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Attend Owner Board of Directors to update the members as required
  • Monitor construction progress and collection of daily logs and time sheets as required.
  • Prepare or assist the Contractor with developing submittals, requests for information, and change orders from the construction contractor; and cost/schedule review.
  • Oversee engineer’s and contractor’s RFI process to maintain timely responses
  • Prepare RFP packages for additional services such as soils testing, etc.
  • Manage bidding process
  • Solicit vendors/contractors
  • Review subcontractor and supplier bids
  • Participate and review in consultants selection and contracts
  • Award contracts
  • Coordinate preparation and review of design documents
  • Review contractors’ safety programs
  • Oversee contractor acquisition of required construction permits
  • Facilitate Owner’s acquisition of required approvals and permits
  • Prepare and maintain records of construction through various stages of the construction through completion of various construction progress and remedies.
  • Support contractors in construction planning and scheduling and record keeping
  • Review contractor safety programs\insurance certificates of all contractors Daily activity and progress reports
  • All results pertaining to construction along with construction progress photographs to record conditions and various stages of the construction through completion,
  • Pertinent information obtained along with construction progress and remedies.
  • Prepare, record, and maintain drawings summarizing changes to final documents based on “as-built redlines” developed by the contractors during construction period.
  • Review change requests initiated by the architect and/or contractor and approve or disapprove as appropriate
  • Review with the engineers all drawings, samples, and submittals as relate to the standard of materials for structural and systems integrity of proposed materials.
  • This information will be submitted to the various agencies at the end of construction.
  • Perform additional inspections of the construction to verify that the work is completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. The amount and duration of inspections will be dependent on the actual construction schedule and conditions.Coordinate testing of materials as required
  • Coordinate, schedule and administer the quality assurance and quality control testing.Provide directives and review of testing documentation and results.
  • Prepare project punch list
  • Facilitate preparation of final record drawings provided by contractors\ engineers
  • Observe final testing of all systems
  • Facilitate the engineer’s preparation of the final Punch List
  • Oversee the contractor completion of the Punch List
  • Perform additional project management and provide coordination of project meetings, schedule of deliverables, and project team members. This task will include:
  • Conduct project meetings with the BEMA and the project team to review project objectives and schedule, and project team responsibilities.
  • Prepare for and conduct discussions with the Dam Safety Branch staff regarding dam designs, construction schedules updates, submittals and change orders.
  • Participate in progress meetings during the construction phase with the BEMA and the contractors.
  • Prepare and perform quality assurance and quality control documentation of the project deliverables.

Project Budget

  • Prepare overall project budgets
  • Facilitate design documents per owner’s requirements
  • Oversee project fund disbursements
  • Oversee construction accounting
  • Oversee CDBG Funding compliance
  • Provide project fund closeout documentation
  • Monitor monthly billings, and overall cost performance
  • Monitor cost performance with regard to multiple financing sources

The above listed basic services may be expanded at the request of the Owner, with an appropriate adjustment to the contract.

Owner Responsibilities

The Owner’s Representative is dependent on certain Owner’s responsibilities, and the Owner hereby agrees to provide the following to the Owner’s Representative:

  • Provide full information in response to Owner’s Representative’s queries
  • Designate a representative of the Owner fully authorized to act on the Owner’s behalf
  • With the Owner’s Representative support, retain a qualified Design team and Contractorswhose duties shall be fully described in their respective contracts
  • Furnish all legal, accounting, and insurance services associated with the BEMA/BEWA as required
  • Manage loan/LOC acquisition
  • Oversee CDGB submittals
  • Oversee CDBG documentation/EMMIE??
  • Prepare Requests for Reimbursement (RFRs)
  • Prepare CWCB loan draws
  • Oversee compliance
  • Facilitate the preparation of all required bond and loan documents
  • Close out loans


The estimated project fees were developed assuming an estimated start date of August 1, 2018 with a project completion of Meadow Lake Dam and close out of all documentation by May 31, 2019 approximately 10 months.

Throughout the project an average of, 1.5 to 2 days per week are estimated as the effort required to provide adequate oversight of the project.It is anticipated that some phases of the construction process will require additional oversight thus flexibility is critical. Preconstruction: Aug – October, Construction Phase: Nov.- February, Closeout March- May

Payment Terms

The Project Manager/Owner’s Representative shall complete the above scope of services for the Big Elk Meadows Dams Reconstruction Project described above on a time-and-expense basis including travel costs. Pay will be competitive and commensurate with experience and will be discussed during the interview process.

All applicants should provide an up to date resume and cover letter detailing their approach to this position. As noted above, if funding is secured, a second contract may be executed for a second dam, thus making this a close to full time position though November 2019.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $75.00 to $125.00 /hour


  • project management: 3 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Driver's License (Required)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) (Preferred)