Crime Scene Investigator

City of Wichita - Wichita, KS

This is technical field and laboratory work involving the investigation of crime scenes and the forensic examination of physical evidence. This position requires training and ability in the identification, development, collection and preservation of physical evidence and in correctly interpreting its relevance to the crime scene. Work requires following standardized procedures and the use of independent judgment in conditions not covered by policy or previous practice. Work exposes the employee to environmental conditions (blood-borne pathogens, toxic or caustic chemicals, fumes or airborne particles, decaying organic material...etc.) that routinely require the use of personal protective equipment. Work is routinely performed in outdoor weather conditions and occasionally in confined spaces, elevated heights and/or contorted positions.

Work hours: This is a 2nd or 3rd shift position. Hours and days of work to be determined based on seniority.

Starting pay is $20.0501/hourly to $23.8357/hourly DOQ

Examples of Work Performed:
Gathers information and relevant data concerning investigations through personal observation and conferring with Detectives, Officers, other first responders, witnesses and victims.
Documents crime scenes and recovered evidence through photography, mapping (sketching, measuring, diagramming, laser scanning...) and note-taking.
Identifies, develops, collects and preserves physical evidence, through a variety of light-based, physical and chemical processes, including:
Latent fingerprints
Biological/DNA evidence
Trace evidence, including: hair, fiber, paint, glass, soil and ignitable liquids
Firearms and Tool-mark evidence
Impression evidence including: footwear, tire-tread and bite-marks
Evaluates the condition of the crime scene(s) and identified physical evidence, including bloodstain patterns and bullet impacts, in attempt to reconstruct the events (and their sequence) occurring during the commission of a crime.
Attends post-mortem examinations (autopsies), as needed.
Prepares comprehensive, technical written reports based upon the results of investigations.
Testifies in courts of law at any and all levels of government.
Examples of work performed are not intended to be all-inclusive. Additional related duties may be assigned as needed.

Requirements of Work:
Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, representatives of other agencies, and citizens.
Ability to recall facts and details.
Knowledge of photography and photographic theory.
Ability to manually operate cameras and other photographic equipment and accessories.
Ability to discern direction and accurately sketch and measure crime scenes and evidence using a variety of tools, including: tape measures, laser range meters, 3D laser scanners, portable microscopes and magnifying loops.
Ability to use computer-aided drawing and diagramming software.
Ability to learn and interpret legal statutes, law enforcement methods and crime scene procedures and techniques and apply such knowledge to ever-changing circumstances and situations.
Knowledge of and experience in using modern light-based, physical and chemical methods to identify, develop, collect and preserve physical evidence, such as that described above.
Ability to handle and manipulate firearms.
Ability to use basic hand and power tools, including: screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, snips, pry tools, drills, reciprocating and circular saws...etc.
Ability to work with injured, dead and decomposing humans and animals.
Ability to complete mathematical computations, including trigonometry.
Knowledge of and ability to use computer hardware and software, including desktop and laptop computers and Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Ability to clearly and effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing.
Ability to operate an automobile.
Ability to acquire and maintain a valid Kansas driver's license.
Ability to read a map and learn the geography of the Wichita/Sedgwick County metropolitan area.
Visual acuity that meets established medical standards, including the ability to distinguish colors.
Hearing ability that meets established medical standards.
Ability to lift and carry bulky items weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.
Ability to traverse uneven terrain and climb steps and ladders.
Ability to work in confined spaces and elevated heights.
Ability to tolerate airborne environmental nuisances associated with chemicals and decaying organic material.
Ability to tolerate varying outdoor weather conditions.
Must not be impaired from testifying credibly in courts of law.
An employee shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals in the workplace.

Required Experience and Training:
Graduation from a four-year college with a degree in criminal justice, forensic science or related field. Preferred candidates will possess previous law enforcement, forensic or criminal investigative experience. An equivalent combination of experience and training may also be considered. Candidates must be a United States citizen and pass a Kansas Bureau of Investigation criminal background check. Offers of employment will be made contingent upon passing a pre-employment physical, drug screening, polygraph examination and psychological evaluation.