Marketing Analyst

Utah Office of Tourism - Salt Lake City, UT


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The Utah Office of Tourism (UOT) resides within the Governor's Office of Economic Development and is charged with growing Utah's tourism economy and increasing state and local tax collection from out-of-state travelers. In 2017, travelers to Utah spent $9.1 billion, which supported 147,800 Utah jobs and generated $1.34 billion in state and local taxes. UOT calculates that this tax revenue relieved each Utah household of an additional $1,375 in taxes to provide current levels of government services.

Given this mission, the Utah Office of Tourism aims to be the most measured state Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) in the nation. To reach this goal, our office has built a robust marketing analytics program to ingest, transform and store data related to campaign and market performance and provide automated dashboards to assist the communications team and contracted vendors to surface actionable insights. Additionally, our office collects industry performance data including tax collections, national park visits, airline travel patterns to benchmark industry performance and report this information to key stakeholders including the UOT board of directors, Governor's Office of Management and Budget and legislative offices. See the publicresourceson our industry site for just a sample.

To achieve its mission, UOT needs a Marketing Analytics & Research Manager who can lead in the continued development of our quantitative and qualitative marketing analytics program, increase relevance and adoption of data tools among UOT team members and support data-informed decision making throughout our campaign planning. This role reports to UOT's Associate Managing Director and works closely with agency leadership, contracted vendors and tourism partners. Requiring a combination of technical and people skills, this role presents an excellent opportunity for a data-savvy, technically-inclined individual to shape our marketing analytics and research programs and have significant impact in a multi-billion dollar industry.


  • Serve as the project manager to coordinate marketing campaign data collection, and ingestion of this data into our warehouse to facilitate analysis, reporting and campaign optimization.
  • Make data accessible and actionable for members of the leadership and communications team including web and content leads, social media, pay-per-click marketing, international marketing representatives and partner stakeholders.
  • Dig into the data to identify over/underperforming elements of our marketing campaigns, help to optimize performance and seek out new growth opportunities.
  • Manage all data and research operations (quantitative and qualitative) of the Utah Office of Tourism in tandem with UOT's Associate Managing Directors, contracted data scientists, contracted economists and various other insight vendors.
  • Facilitate campaign pixel creation, placement and standardization of data fields to streamline data collection and analysis.
  • Conduct custom qualitative interview and survey research projects on an ongoing basis. Involve UOT team members in agenda-setting for research and integrating insights into product.
  • Prepare data visualizations, dashboards and other informational resources for the Director and others for their presentations, media interviews, legislative requests, etc.
  • Present findings throughout the state and potentially nationally at UOT board meetings, industry conferences, rural community gatherings, etc.
  • Delegate appropriate tasks to a part-time research associate as available. Be their mentor.
  • Routinely evaluate the health of the data and research ecosystem compared to studied needs of UOT, partner organizations, evolved technology and the public. Take action accordingly.

UOT expects you to:

  • Be deeply curious, bring a hunger to learn and a high level of professionalism to your work.
  • Understand the digital marketing ecosystem and have strength in measuring campaign performance.
  • Have a background in digital marketing, data analysis (SQL / Python) and research.
  • Take initiative of your own energy and expertise to make improvements, start relationships, propose projects, challenge assumptions, etc.
  • Be a versatile listener and communicator of concepts to various audiences.
  • Learn what is necessary. Ask questions you have. Google it until it's done.
  • Become familiar enough with Utah as a travel destination over time. We encourage team members to experience the product they are selling, through periodic access to ski resort passes and familiarization tours across various parts of the state.
  • Be self-initiated and self-directed to grow our marketing analytics program and your own skills in the process. Access to professional development resources is included and on-the-job learning is expected. In this role, you'll have the opportunity to chart a course based on the agency's business needs and the opportunities you identify.

UOT may find helpful:

  • Some background in tourism marketing.
  • Some familiarity with data science terminology, methods and measurement protocols.
  • Some familiarity with cloud products, especially Google Cloud Platform and other complementary Google Suite tools.
  • Some specialization in user (visitor / web) experience design.
  • Some specialization in information visualization / presentation techniques.
  • An unfettered affection for Utah as a destination.

You can expect from UOT:

  • A livable work-life-play balance. (We practice what we preach.)
  • A very fun, dedicated team of colleagues.
  • A communicative, trusting boss who respects that you're both a professional and a human.
  • A dedicated annual budget toward your professional and skills development including for industry conferences, online learning resources, classes, etc.
  • A gorgeous view of the Capitol building and the Salt Lake Valley from Council Hall, along with easy access to public transportation, downtown SLC, the Capitol fitness center, etc.

Bonus Points for experience with :

  • Digital campaign execution (pixel creation, testing, campaign coordination and execution in Google Double Click)
  • Python and the pandas library
  • Google BigQuery
  • Jupyter Notebooks, Docker, GitHub and similar tools for managing data workflows within an organization

Please apply on our website

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $26.50 to $29.50 /hour