Staff Development Coordinator ($2500 Sign On Bonus)

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Summary: The Staff Development Coordinator (SDC) is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and evaluating educational programs for nursing service and other departments, performs clinical tasks and assists in other departments.

  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, RN required, BSN degree preferred.
  • License as a RN in state employed.
  • Valid CPR teaching certificate preferred.
  • IV Instructor Certification preferred.
  • Certified Infection Control Nurse preferred.
  • ACLS certification preferred.
  • Current with state Continuing Education (CE) requirements.
  • Three (3) years of nursing experience, of which one (1) year was in a long-term care environment.
  • One (1) year experience as an instructor preferred.
  • One (1) year acute care experience preferred.
Essential Functions:
  • Ensures that employees receive compliance training and education necessary to perform their job responsibilities in accordance with Concordia’s Standards of Conduct.
  • Oversees the process for competency evaluation of new clinical department personnel; recommends progression to permanent employment or extension of orientation/probationary period for new employees.
  • Plans, organizes, and implements ongoing education and training programs for license nurses, nursing assistants, unit clerks, and other ancillary personnel to promote the knowledge and skills necessary for the provision of quality care consistent with services provided by the center.
  • In coordination with the Director of Nursing and the Executive Director, periodically reviews the center Clinical Admission Grid and service lines to identify applicable advanced/as needed competencies required for clinical personnel.
  • Plans, organizes, and implements education training programs to meet the strategic goals of the center.
Job Description
  • Conducts or coordinates certification or training programs for Nursing Assistants to prepare them for state certification/competency exam as applicable.
  • Conducts needs assessment through survey history, individual performance and competency evaluation, center performance improvement trends, input from center department managers, and input from individual staff members, to identify educational needs to staff.
  • Provides and/or assists employees to identify available resources to achieve continuing education requirements if applicable.
  • Ensures the educational curriculum in the center meets or exceeds state, federal and accreditation requirements.
  • Develops and maintains monthly and annual education calendars.
  • Ensures educational opportunities are effectively communicated to center personnel.
  • Provides clinical and classroom hands-on instruction, and on the job coaching to the licensed and un-
licensed personnel.
  • Coordinates and/or conducts CPR training for licensed personnel and applicable non-licensed personnel.
  • Working with the Director of Nursing, ensures clinical competency of nursing staff through observed skills
evaluation, and ensures completion of annual competency assessments for clinical personnel.
  • Provides supplemental training and education as applicable for identified performance concerns and makes
recommendations for additional training and follow-up to the Department Manager.
  • Collaborates with other staff, within the nursing service and other departments, to provide educational
programs and experiences. Utilizes both internal and community resources in meeting staff development
  • Organizes and assists individuals with the development of learning opportunities for professional growth.
  • Utilizes and disseminates current nursing literature and educational materials. Ensures staff awareness of
current policies and procedures and professional standards of practice.
  • Ensures staff education and skills validation regarding patient care procedures and equipment.
  • Ensures that documentation for all training and education is completed and maintained in accordance with
state and federal program requirements.
  • Ensures that all in-service education offerings and employee attendance is maintained and is updated timely
in accordance with company policy.
  • Recommends staff development program and resource needs to administration for budgets and contains
expenditures to current budget.
  • Develops and facilitates an orientation program for all facility personnel. Orientation programs to include
general orientation for new and rehired facility personnel and clinical orientation for clinical employees in accordance with Concordia’s policy as well as state and federal requirements and other job specific/role based training as needed.
  • Plans, organizes and implements concise orientation for contract personnel
  • Coordinates students’ clinical experiences within the facility; provides orientation for visiting faculty and
  • Manages Employee Health Program to include:
o Coordinationofemployeephysical,ifrequired.
o Trackingofemployeeillnessforidentificationofdevelopinginfectiontrendsandenforcementof
applicable work restrictions.
o CoordinationofannualInfluenzacampaign.
o ProvisionofTBscreeningandHepatitisBvaccination.
o Coordinationofnecessarymedicalfollow-upforworkrelatedinjuries.
  • Ensures proper retention of employee health records in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Participates in Worker’s Compensation/Blood Borne Pathogen programs as assigned with oversight of
documentation requirements.
Job Description
  • Serves as a member of the center Safety Committee and ensures education is provided to personnel in response to identified trends and immediate safety concerns.
  • Serves as the center Infection Control Preventionist as assigned.
  • Responsibilities of the Infection Control Committee:
o ChairscenterInfectionControlCommittee.
o Tracksandtrendsinfectionsoccurringinthecenterandamongcenterpersonnel.
o AlertsmembersoftheInfectionControlCommitteeofdevelopingtrendsandinfectionoutbreaks. o Servesasliaisonbetweenthecenterandstateandlocalagenciesforcommunicationregarding
reportable infections, infection trends and outbreaks.
o MaintainssurveillancedocumentationinaccordancewithConcordiapolicyandprocedure,andstate
and federal regulations.
o Ensuresappropriateinfectioncontrolmeasuresareimplementedandmaintainedtocontain
significant infections, infection trends and infection outbreaks.
o Observesstaffadherencetohandhygiene,StandardPrecautions,andotherinfectioncontrol
practices necessary to protect resident and employee health.
o Providesrequiredroutineinfectioncontroleducationaswellaseducationpertainingtodeveloping
infection trends or outbreaks.
o ReportsanalysisofinfectionratesandtrendstothecenterPerformanceImprovementCommittee
and Infection Control subcommittee.
  • Participates as a member of the center Performance Improvement Committee and applicable
subcommittees and develops educational strategies to facilitate quality improvement efforts.
  • Reads professional literature and participates in educational experiences that assist in maintaining and
improving personal, clinical and teaching competencies.
  • Adheres to professional code of ethics.
  • Assures resident safety while performing job responsibilities and functions.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned.
Core Values/Service Excellence:
  • Work efforts reflect a passion for exceeding customer expectations.
  • Solicits patient/resident feedback to understand their needs and the needs of the community.
  • Advocates for Service Excellence within the Center and influences others to take action.
  • Displays responsibility by taking ownership of quality care. Shows dedication to enriching the lives of our
patients and residents through empathy and compassion.
  • Exhibits a commitment to results by looking for and recommending/implementing process improvements.
  • Demonstrates commitment to interpersonal excellence through professional greetings, proper telephone
etiquette, common courtesy, a professional attitude and appearance.
  • Enriches the Center culture by having fun.
  • Recognizes the benefits of team collaboration. Shows respect for fellow employees by working together to
get the job done.
  • Effectively addresses customer concerns and resolves conflict in a manner that is fair to all.