Nike Sports Research Lab Researcher

NIKE INC - Portland, OR

As a Researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL), you will be responsible for executing applied and basic research aimed at delivering validated performance insights that will lead to technologically innovative apparel. You will serve as a full time member of the Product Creation Process, interacting with Principal / Senior Researchers and Product Innovators in all phases of research to provide a holistic evaluation of innovation concepts. In addition, you will become a resident authority for all of the physiological research tools used by the NSRL staff. You will participate in the development of new tools, methods, and procedures that will streamline data acquisition. Finally, you will demonstrate Nike's commitment to product performance research by communicating research findings and insights to diverse audiences and attending scientific conferences.

This Researcher position is part of the Applied Apparel Research Team (within the NSRL), whose mission is to drive apparel innovation through knowledge and insights gained by scientifically understanding athletes and their environment. This position will primarily focus on athletic apparel created for use in thermally challenging environments and during recovery.

The Researcher position will excel in all aspects of the R&D process, including literature review/topical summary, study design and execution, data interpretation and summary, expert opinion/analysis for Nike groups external to the Lab, developing external partnerships, continued scientific development, and scientific analysis of product claims.

Graduate education (Master’s degree) in exercise physiology, kinesiology, exercise science, ergonomics, or a related field
Proficiency in all aspects of the scientific process (study conception, study logistics, protocol development, data collection, statistical analyses, and scientific communication)
Proficiency in computer programming (e.g. Matlab, R, or Python)
Experience with relevant scientific tools (e.g. environmental chambers, body temperature measurement, hydration indices, ergometers, ultrasound, perception indices)
Previous experience managing multiple projects with multiple stakeholders
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Statistical or thermoregulatory modeling experience is helpful
Apparel or product research experience is helpful
Experience with thermoregulatory and/or recovery research is helpful
Experience operating a thermal manikin is a plus
Field research experience is a plus