SR. SW ENGINEER 7/5/2018

Step Ahead Solutions - Palo Alto, CA (30+ days ago)

JOB_ID – VA-20180701
Job Title: Sr. SW Engineer
Location : Cupertino, CA/Palo Alto, CA – Remote work possible.
Duration : 1 to 3 years
Visa status accepted: No c2c, full time only. H1B transfers possible. Preferable US Citizens/GC holders. OPT/EAD possible provided they have the experience in the skill set provided below.
Client: Federal Agency in Northern California
Salary based on skill and experience. Negotiable.
Number of Openings – 8+ years.

Project Background

This project will support evidence-based best practices for managing five common chronic conditions by implementing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in the Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISN) 21 Clinical Dashboard for Patient-Aligned Care Teams (PACTs). By working with PACTS, the primary care clinical teams, we will determine the most effective strategies to integrate CDS use into clinical workflow. The project will develop structures that can be readily adapted to clinical decision-making about additional conditions as new guidelines, clinical consensus, and patient data become available.
Overall Goal
Implement clinical decision support (CDS) into the VISN 21 Clinical Dashboard computing environment for the management of the following conditions: Hypertension (HTN), Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 (DM), Hyperlipidemia (HL), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and Heart Failure (HF).

The contractor must demonstrate the following qualifications:
Extensive experience as an original developer of the software used in the project, specifically the EON guideline execution engine, and the overall EON architecture.
Expertise in Protégé in health care domains.
In-depth familiarity with existing ATHENA-Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems such as ATHENA-Hypertension (HTN).
International expertise in knowledge representation, particularly using Protégé.
Experience interfacing ATHENA-CDS with existing clinical dashboard.
Experience with and ability to work well with a multidisciplinary team including clinicians, knowledge engineers, medical informatics fellows, physician knowledge experts, database experts who develop and maintain dashboards using VA data, and system architect.


Provide ongoing guidance to knowledge engineers who are encoding clinical knowledge into
computable formats in Protégé.
Make updates to EON guideline execution engine as needed for project.
Extract data from Protégé knowledge bases when necessary data extraction is beyond expertise of the knowledge engineers.
Advise team on methods for evaluation of clinical decision support systems.
Advise/mentor medical informatics fellow(s) working on project.
Participate with the team in writing academic papers about informatics developments of the project.
Advise project Principal Investigator (PI) and other team members on analyses of best approaches to informatics challenges in the developing tools.
Participate in team meetings.

Progress / Compliance Reports

Monthly status reports outlining progress in terms of stated material development goals will be sent to the Principle Investigation (PI). The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) will verify performance and compliance with PI on a monthly basis.