End of Life Concierge

Mavis - Concord, CA

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Summary: Mavis is looking for one of our first full time end of life concierges. This is a ground floor opportunity with salary + equity in a soon to be high profile startup.

Hello, we are Mavis, a San Francisco startup with big ambitions to dignify the end of life care industry with world class concierges and mobile based software. We’re looking for a skilled and passionate nurse who is crazy enough to help us take on that challenge.

The ugly reality in healthcare is that if you have a loved one at the end of their life and need someone to help manage your stress, fear, and confusion, you’re screwed.

Your option is a deep and frantic information gathering exercise, followed by a complicated dance of facility and home based healthcare providers --with minimal coordination--, who often operate without proper oversight and auditing. The entire process has minimal emotional support for the family.

In many cities across America, when you need help and guidance at end of life, you come to terms with the possibility of being stranded. This industry is technologically challenged, and has suffered from too many profit seeking and siloed health organizations. This pain is our Mavis opportunity.

We’re creating a fully integrated experience, through our concierges at technology, that will dignify the way families experience end of life.

  • We are supporting and calming families, removing their fear and angst.
  • We are providing knowledge of the length, cost, entrance points, choke points, admission hurdles, and differences the end of life process may entail.
  • We are providing guidance and assistance as the client and family navigates their path towards their goals.
  • We are sourcing, vetting, and managing healthcare providers and vendors.
  • We help manage the after death experience, from paperwork to support.

Currently, the platform and program is in Alpha, but we need exceptional health talent to scale out to hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of families around the world. We’re hoping you see a game changer here, we certainly do.

We’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades, a skilled and compassionate nurse who isn’t afraid of new technologies or new challenges. We want someone who works hard because they enjoy their work and thrives on new challenges. We’re building a complex and necessary healthcare service where the support, guidance, and information you help us create will be impacting the lives of millions of seniors and their families.

Ideally you’re excited to get your hands in all parts of the system, from the development of our services, to working with families, to managing and auditing other home care providers. You’re an all-important hire for us as you’ll be one of our first full-time care concierges, which means a significant stake in our success and a ground floor opportunity.

Most application processes suck as bad as the healthcare industry so we won’t ask you to submit a resume, cover letter, or tell us where you see yourself in 15 years (yes, I got that one once).

Just answer honestly and succinctly the questions on our job page here:


And I’ll personally be responding the same day.

We believe whole-heartedly that in hiring it’s talent first, then we work out the details. So if Mavis sounds interesting to you and you think you’re the right fit for us, please reach out, and you’ll be hearing from me.

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Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: $40.00 to $60.00 /hour