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The Human Services Senior Practitioner – Child Protective Services Assessor (HS CPS Assessor) is responsible for assessing allegations of abuse, neglect and dependency regarding children under the age of 18 years. The HS CPS Assessor will serve with a team of CPS Assessment Social Workers in the county. Assessors must have thorough knowledge of Child Welfare statues, policies and procedures, and effective social work practice must be maintained by the employee.

The successful candidate will enjoy working with children and their families and have confidence in their ability to assess risk to children by confronting the matter professionally. This position demands strong written and communication skills, organizational skills, decision making skills and strong interpersonal and customer services skills. This position also requires flexibility for after business hours work.

Job Functions:
  • Respond to allegations of child abuse and neglect.
  • Perform safety and risk assessments for the children named.
  • Make referrals for follow-up services when necessary.
  • Initiate removal of children from their homes through the juvenile court process in extreme cases.
Essential job duties;
  • Interview all minor children, parents and caretakers and collateral (professional and non-professional) contacts
  • Work closely with other professionals as necessary
  • Document all case activity within 7 days of each contact
  • Keep track of client contacts through the Day Sheet database
  • Prepare cases for transfer to other providers within Child Welfare as needed
To succeed in this position, one must have strong interpersonal skills to work with team members who provide other services to families and the ability to engage families in safety planning to ensure child safety. Strong engagement skills are essential given that these services are involuntary for families

NOTE: Wake County Human Services employees are required to be in their current role for a minimum of one (1) year to be eligible to apply for another Human Services position. Upon acceptance of employment you acknowledge that (i) you will rescind your application for any other positions within Wake County Human Services, (ii) after accepting your position with Wake County Human Services you must remain in your role for one (1) year before you are eligible to apply for another position within Wake County Human Services, (iii) if you work in the Health Clinics and Public Health Division, influenza immunization is a condition of initial and continued employment, subject to compliance with federal law, (iv) actively supports and participates in department emergency preparedness and response activities, which may include temporary changes in responsibilities and working hours.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Competencies Ability to:
  • Maintain social, ethical, and organizational norms.
  • Firmly adhere to codes of conduct and ethical principles.
  • Build and maintain positive, productive relationships with peers, colleagues, managers, providers, the community and other professionals.
  • Weigh alternative actions and make decisions that incorporate opinions, facts, tangible and/or intangible factors.
  • Deal with others in difficult and complex situations to achieve resolution or adherence to laws and/or regulations.
  • Use appropriate interpersonal skills and methods to reduce tension and resolve conflict.
  • Make decisions without regard to that personal prejudices, biases, and experiences.
  • Handle disappointment and/or rejections while still working effectively.
  • Deal with high stress situations calmly and effectively.
  • Stay with a job or plan until the desired objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably attainable.
  • Recognize and respect the value of individual differences at all levels of the organization.
  • Provide employment and development opportunities equitably to support a diverse workforce.