Operations Analyst for Army Personnel Recovery Program

Advanced Computer Learning Company, LLC (ACLC) - Fort Bragg, NC4.8

Job Title: Operations Analyst for Army Personnel Recovery Program

Job Description: Operations Analysts for Army Personnel Recovery Program perform program maintenance and development, training, and program analysis and assessments. Position requires extensive program subject matter expertise

Work Locations: The work to be performed under this contract will be performed at FORSCOM HQ at Fort Bragg, NC and other temporary duty (TDY) locations, both CONUS and OCONUS.

Major Responsibilities:
Provide Service Level subject matter expertise to develop, staff, and make recommendations to the FORSCOM G-3/5/7 Aviation Division ARFORGEN Branch Chief on policy and guidance to enable FORSCOM to execute the command Personnel Recovery program.
Identify policy needs, incorporating lessons learned, tactics and practiced techniques and procedures, to prepare commanders, staffs and individuals to perform duty in volatile and ambiguous environments
Maintain and develop recommendations for FORSCOM policy and guidance
Convert Army Personnel Recovery messages into recommended FORSCOM directives, guidance, and messages.
Assist in development and maintenance of FORSCOM plans and activities supporting Reintegration tasks
Maintain classified materials to support Secret programs in accordance with command regulations and procedures
Develop products and perform revisions of existing materials based on results of training analysis, fielding of new systems, or at the direction of the Government to meet evolving needs of the Senior Commander
Develop and implement command Personnel Recovery education and training programs
Provide high level subject matter expert assistance to Division and Corps Personnel Recovery Cells
Review, provide input, and staff all requirements for unit individual Personnel Recovery instruction
Develop unit collective staff training, joint publications, service doctrine and FORSCOM policy requiring review or revision
Assist in coordinating SERE/PR program issues with contacts within Combatant Commands, ASCC, National Guard Bureau (NGB), US Army Reserve Command (USARC), Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA), and other organizations.
Conduct program-wide analyses to assess impact of changes in US Government, OSD, COCOM, ASCC, and Joint Personnel Recovery policies and guidance
Coordinate and communicate analysis and impact of changes to senior leaders of FORSCOM
Provide analyses, briefings and reports as required, in the form of standard FORSCOM correspondence.
Conduct program-wide analyses to assess FORSCOM training needs based on changes in policies, guidance, and practices
Maintain a master calendar showing all FORSCOM Personnel Recovery embedded training events and exercises at all unit and staff levels. Access to calendar should be via AKO
Provide analyses, briefings and reports on current plans, policies, programs, technologies and acquisition efforts, US Government policy guidance, OSD and Joint Staff guidance, and current DOD planning related to Personnel Recovery, as required, in the form of standard FORSCOM correspondence (Executive Summaries, Information Papers, Memoranda, and briefings), eEXSUM, and Keep the Commander Informed.
Provide unit level PR program management training as required

Required Qualifications:
U.S. Citizenship and the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language
Minimum of 5 years experience in support of DoD Joint Personnel Recovery programs
A within scope (less than 10 years from investigation closure date) Secret Personnel Security Clearance
Graduate of a service approved instructor course
Be a graduate of a Service Level C course or have been an instructor in a Service Level C course
A valid driver’s license and means of transportation
A valid US Passport, or willing to obtain upon hire
Ability to pass a drug screen and background investigation

Preferred Qualifications:
BA/BS degree in any discipline
Completed JPRA courses PR-300, PR-301, PR-303
Completed JPRA courses SERE 211, 225/245, 250, 260, 270 or equivalent
Instructor qualified experience at a Service Level C SERE school
Employment Conditions: Salaried, Exempt