English Teacher

Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico - San Juan, PR


REPORT TO: Educational Coordinator


Collaborate in the development of English as a second language skills with the teaching of the participants in the Educational Program offering tutorials in the English subjects verifying assignments providing and correcting practice exercises. It has the responsibility to reinforce daily English or Literacy skills in students with academic lag. It primotes activities integrating the language in real environments and scenarios.


1. Collaborate in the development of English as a second language skills with the teaching of the participants in the Educational Program.

2. Reinforce daily English or Literacy skills in students with academica lag. It promotes activities integrating the language in real environments and scenarios.

3. Has a lesson plan (objetives, topics, and activities) for each class session, organizing the appropiate time for a lesson, and presenting the lesson in a logicall and sequetial manner. Develops unit and lesson plans, with goals and objectives.

4. Provides individualized, small group, and large group instruction in order to meet the needs of each student.

5. Engages students in learning through best teaching practice strategires to achieve positive results.

6. Organize classroom procedures and routines and manage student behavior.

7. Keeps appropriate records of student progress, prepare reports, and communicates progress.

8. Maintains a safe, clean, and comfortable classroom environment. Carefully esplains goals, policies, grlund rules, adn grading policies at the beginning of the Program.

9. Performs various non-instructional duties including taking daily attendace, among others.

10. Monitors student progress through regular formal and informal assessment.

11. Participates in committee work, family activities, and sponsored student activities.

12. Offer tutorials in the English subjercts verifying assignments, providing and correcting practice exercises.

EDUCATION Y/O EXPERIENCE: BA or preferable a Master Degree in English Education or related field from and accredited University and 2+ years of experience in teaching in an accredited educational institution.

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Excellent interpersonal and communication/listening skills, including written and oral skills in both English and Spanish preferred or when feasible. Demonstrated proactive orientation with emphasis in academic and leadership credibility. Ability to build and manage relationships with community-based and public agencies supporting care coordination. Computer/technological skills; ability to research and abstract relevant educational developments, from the Web. Ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time well. Ability to prepare and manage school division's budget and allocated resources.

PHISICAL DEMANDS: Individuals may need to sit or stand as needed. The position may require walking primarily on a level surface for periodic periods throughout the day. May reach above shoulder heights or below the waist and lift as required to file documents or store materials throughout the workday and must be able to lift 15 pounds and use proper lifting techniques.

MENTAL DEMANDS: Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources. Identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts. Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.

STRTAEGIC PLANNING: Lead strategic planning processes and develop action plans. Demonstrate critical thinking analysis and problem solving skills in order to achieve goals and objectives.

POSITIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT MODEL (YDM): Show the capacity to know, apply and teach the YDM, guarantees the active youth participation in the organizational processes and promotes an effective implementation of the YDM within the organization.
MISSION COMMITMENT: Adjust to organizational changes, has deep knowledge of the operational impact in our mission. Deep belief in the youth development strategy as a tool to a better future. Establishes methods to stay up to date in the field and help establishes a world class organization.
SECURITY: Ensure the physical, psychological and emotional safety of the participants, parents and organizational leaders.
PROCESS MANAGEMENT: Promotes an effective communication, identify and establish improvement strategies, validates and implement roles, functions and responsibilities between leaders, monitors, review and adjust continually fiscal and administrative processes.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Promotes effective relationships with clients, community and investors. Develop and prioritize strategies to benefit the continuous improvement and the decision making process. Articulates strategies base in statistics data and provide accurate information on time.

MISSIONARY: leader that through their actions and words prove they believe in youth development and their potential.
UTOPIAN: leader with a commitment to search for a better future for children and youths.
VISIONARY: leader with vision and the capacity to identify and capitalize in opportunities.
CREATIVE: promoters of innovative solutions that improve their work systems and add value to the mission.
COLLABORATOR: leader that works alongside others to increase our impact.
EXTRAORDINARY: Different to the rest. Leader with the capacity and executing power above the norm in other organizations. Experts on youth development.
PARTICIPATIVE: leader that is responsible and is part of the future of the organization. Makes decisions and participates in open doors communications.
DISCLAIMER: The information provided shows the nature of the general responsibilities and the level of competency expected. However, this job description hasn’t been designed as a comprehensive inventory of all responsibilities and qualifications required to the leader assigned to the job.

Approved by: Niulka Quiñones

Senior Leader Human Resources