VP of Engineering, Professional Cloud and Web Archive

Smarsh - Boston, MA3.5

Full-timeEstimated: $170,000 - $220,000 a year
Title: VP of Engineering, Professional Cloud and Web Archive

Reporting To: Greg Vesper, Chief Product Officer

Role and Responsibilities: This person will lead the development of two high volume multi-tenant SaaS products, Professional Cloud and Web Archive. Both are legacy products running out of a pair of datacenters. Both products have SQL-oriented three tier designs that need to evolve into a scalable service oriented architecture. Both products have a distributed team of contractors and full time employees with personnel concentrations in Boston and Portland. Portland has a higher concentration and is the preferred location with Boston a close second.

Skill Set:
Empirical and pragmatic approach towards distributed systems and software architecture.
Ability to tackle complex legacy code and design patterns without getting lost in the complexity.
Ability to resolve legacy complexity into simple, re-usable components.
Ability to communicate, collaborate, inform and inspire distributed teams of software developers.
Personal passion for performance, scale, agile best practices, test driven development, continuous delivery, and SaaS quality of service.
Servant leadership.

Relevant Experience:
Proprietary full stack experience (required):
Windows Server 2008 through 2016
.NET 2008 through 2016
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 through 2016
Windows file system

Open source full stack experience:
Enterprise Java / JVM languages - both OO and functional
Queueing - ActiveMQ or similar
Client side Javascript frameworks - Vue.js or similar
Horizontally scalable search engines - SOLR or similar
Distributed object store - S3 or similar

PaaS experience (preferred):
CloudFoundry or similar (preferred)

CI/CD experience (preferred):
Integration - Jenkins, Concourse CI, or similar
Automation - Puppet, Salt, Ansible, or similar
Orchestration - Terraform, BOSH, or similar

Traditional infrastructure experience (required):
High volume RDBMS on fibre channel SANs
Windows filesystem on iSCSI SANs

Hybrid infrastructure experience (preferred):
Hybrid data center + AWS production deployments

Big data experience (preferred):
Data driven distributed systems with eventual consistency
Diverse data ingestion at petabyte scale
Object storage at petabyte scale
Diverse content indexing at petabyte scale
Application services at petabyte scale