Health Education Specialist

Lessonbee - Remote

Lessonbee Inc. is building a future where health and wellness are at the center of classroom instruction, and students have access to the lessons they need for success in school and in life. Our transformative school-based health education platform and adaptive digital curriculum are democratizing health and sex education by making comprehensive, consistent and credible health and sex education possible for every student in the US, regardless of their location.

The health education specialist delivers expertise in health education guidelines - including sexual health and mental health - for grades K-12 at the state and national levels. The health education specialist provides guidance by identifying appropriate standards, outcomes, assessments, content, and other materials to support the development of digital learning experiences, and conducts outreach to teachers and school principals to demonstrate and gain adoption of the solution.

Ideal candidates will have recent experience aligning social emotional learning guidance in health and sex education and developing online media for mental health education.


Subject Matter Expertise: Provide knowledge development in the designated content areas to support curriculum development. Aligning learning outcomes at the program, course, and lesson levels, and break down overarching course learning objectives into more granular concepts.
Content Development: Participate in the creation and/or review of learning content using given program outcomes and course competencies for translation into interactive elearning. Produce support resources in a variety of formats including teacher guides.
Business Development: Actively communicate with relevant stakeholders at schools, including health teachers and curriculum coordinators, as well as local and national health organizations and LGBT advocacy organizations, to increase the promotion, use and adoption, and overall visibility of Lessonbee.

Knowledge of local and national health education standards
Strong influencing skills and desire to increase use and adoption of Lessonbee
Demonstrable thought leadership in the subject area
Basic knowledge of instructional design, curriculum development, and online pedagogy
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a variety of personalities
Classroom or online teaching experience preferred
Experience with digital learning technologies and learner-centered design preferred
Strong sense of creativity and out-the-box thinking and ability to drive projects to completion with minimal guidance or supervision