Program Analyst/Officer

MSAG - Washington, DC4.2

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Program Analyst
Location: Washington, DC
Top Secret Clearance Required

The purpose of this request is to support the Office of Programs (CT/P) as a Program Analyst. This Consultant will support the CT/P Director and Deputy Director in the establishment and management of counterterrorism programs / projects within their specified region or country(ies).

The consultant will perform the following duties with varying levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as varying degrees of oversight.
Task 1: Remain current on and provide analysis of assigned areas or countries as it relates to CT issues and priorities.
  • Monitor developing political situations or issues of administrative management that may impact upon the ability of the USG to implement counterterrorism assistance and/or capacity building programs
  • Assess conditions in the assigned country through analysis of reporting as well as on-site interviews and observation.
  • Monitor issue areas pertinent to the country or region maintaining currency on legislative and policy developments affecting the USG’s stance and reactions.
  • Interpret the significance of events or developments to U.S. counterterrorism programs, assessing them against a broad, but in-depth knowledge of the assigned geographic area that includes its language, history, and culture.
  • Recommend effective changes for U.S. programs in dealing directly with the country in question or indirectly through third parties or multi-lateral organizations.
Task 2: Represent the Program Office’s interests and endeavors for assigned projects and assist the government manager with all aspects of project planning, implementation, and execution.
  • Assess program effectiveness as evidenced by improvement or deterioration in the political, economic, or social conditions within the assigned country. Identify gaps in counterterrorism capacity in a country, countries, or geographic region and design and recommend programmatic responses to address such gaps as identified by CT strategies.
  • Research and analyze problems, issues, or program requirements and provide analysis and advice on programs based on mastery of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods for the assessment and improvement of program effectiveness or the improvement of complex management processes and systems.
  • Collect and compile data as well as organize data and provide presentations of results/findings with the goal of refining or designing new projects and reporting on activities.
  • Confer with top level managers and executives to assist in defining overall goals and objectives of projects in support of assigned country/region.
  • Confer with CT’s Office of Strategy, Policy and Initiatives and Office of Regional Affairs to ensure that proposed programmatic activity is in line with the overarching priorities set by the Secretary of State and the Coordinator for Counterterrorism.
  • Confer with analysts and action officers in the various interested organizations both within and external to the Department to develop information, obtain clarification of divergent viewpoints, and assist in building consensus for a course of action acceptable to the assigned regional Bureau.
  • Participate in interagency working groups and meetings and make recommendations to these bodies and to Department management on new programmatic approaches or activities that will assist in achieving policy objectives.
  • Participate in meetings with agencies of foreign governments and multilateral organizations to contribute detailed technical analyses and assessments of complex programmatic-related issues and alternatives to decision makers.
  • Recommend, draft, and review CT Program initiatives and/ or changes based on analysis of regional or country-specific issues as well as Department policy. Recommend adjustments in Foreign Assistance and other USG program funding as appropriate.
  • Draft agency directives, memoranda, and other written guidelines and recommendations related to projects for the government manager’s review and submission.
  • Advocate and defend regional bureau and individual country team policy interests in dealing with specific Foreign Assistance program proposals and other USG activities focused on or affecting countries assigned to the contractor.
  • Plan and organize team study work and effectively support outcomes with management working towards acceptance and implement of recommendations where the proposals involve substantial agency resources, require extensive changes in established procedures, or may be in conflict with other procedures and programs in effect.
  • Reconcile conflicts between basic policies and program goals.
  • Ensure effective communication of US policy developments and guidance to U.S. mission personnel related to Counterterrorism Bureau programmatic activity.
  • Coordinate the impact of projects with employees and government managers in all affected areas and with external individuals and organizations.
Task 3: Assist bureau-designated Contracts/Grants/Agreements Officer Representatives (COR/GOR/AOR respectively) for contracts, grants and interagency agreements on behalf of CT for an assigned country or geographic region portfolio
  • Research and assess the various available procurement vehicles for program execution, and recommend the best type to use depending on the region and/or country, specific project goals and objectives, and available funding.
  • Prepare recommendations for resource requirements to accomplish projects and confer with stakeholders in support of needed resources and support.
  • Plan, analyze, or assess different aspects of procurement policies and programs to develop policies or procedures or provide advice and guidance to agency activities concerning a variety of procurement issues.
  • Perform background work associated with procurement policy research, analysis, and interpretation or review of contract actions for compliance with applicable policies and procedures.
  • Assist with the review of deliverables and recommends acceptance or rejection of deliverables during contract performance and at close-out in conformance with contract terms and conditions
  • Maintain traceability of oversight through properly documented files that are compliant with agency standards and regulations in order to provide the COR/GOR/AOR and succeeding COR/GOR/AORs an accurate history of contract implementation.
  • Review and assist with the processing of invoices and/or payments within seven calendar days of receipt or in accordance with contract timelines.
  • Report perceived contractor instances of fraud/waste/abuse within five business days to the COR/GOR/AOR.
  • Keep the COR/GOR/AOR and the supervisor informed of contractor performance and contract administration issues by coordinating any changes in cost or delivery within five business days.
In order to fully support the requirements of this task order, the contractor must possess the following qualifications.
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university and three-to-five years of work experience in areas similar to those of the requirements of this task order OR a Master’s degree and work experience in areas similar to those of the requirements of this task order.
  • Expert use of quantitative and qualitative techniques for analyzing and evaluating complex mission-oriented programs and projects for an organization.
  • Experience with developing project and program plans, goals, objectives, and milestones involving complex programs, systems, or issues of critical importance to an entire organization.
  • Experience with assessing project progress, conducting briefings, and preparing comprehensive reports with solutions and recommendations for top-level managers and executives.
  • Expert knowledge of the theories and principles of political science, international relations, security policy, economics, history, geography, or other related disciplines applied in analyzing and evaluating factors and conditions involved in the development and implementation of U.S. foreign policy and/or foreign assistance specific to one or more countries.
  • Mastery of one or more geographic or functional specialty areas to provide expert advice and guidance with regard to the policy implications of issues/programs and developments in an assigned specialty area.
  • Knowledge of current U.S. foreign policy objectives and programs to assess the relevancy and implications of global social, political, economic, geographic, and military issues, developments, and events affecting the formulation and execution of U.S. foreign policy and foreign assistance.
  • Knowledge of U.S. foreign affairs information sources, processes, and organizations in order to apply the full range of available information resources and capabilities in supporting the needs of the Department.
  • Knowledge of Department goals, objectives, programs, and relationships to provide expert analytical and advisory services that are responsive to the specialized needs of the organizations supported.
  • Ability to provide advice, guidance, and consultation to officials with regard to the interpretation and application of analyses.
  • Ability to establish liaison at all levels throughout the foreign policy and intelligence communities to exchange information vital to both spheres of operation.
To support the requirements of this task order, travel both within the continental United States (CONUS) and outside of the continental United States (OCONUS) will be required. All travel will be conducted in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) and must be pre-approved by the government manager, the COR, and the vendor’s program manager.