Child and Youth Program Coordinator

Dynamic Systems Technology - Oklahoma City, OK

Responsibilities and Duties

The CYPC shall, in coordination with the SFPD, coordinate and conduct evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate life skill and resilience-building education and youth development for school-aged dependents of Army National Guard members. Priority of support shall be deployment support and steady-state program ARNG requirements. Child & Youth programming outside of YRRP events must be conducted in locations where ARNG children and youth live. Other service component dependents may participate in Child & Youth Program events if the cost of support is incidental to the cost of the event. All participants shall be registered within the approved ARNG Child & Youth Program registration system, upon development, and eligibility verified annually prior to participation in programming funded by the ARNG.
Shall coordinate with the YRRP POC for support of Child & Youth training and support for school-aged attendees at pre-deployment, during deployment and post-deployment events as indicated by the SFPD. The CYPC shall provide the YRRP POC with support and space requirements for expected attendance and projected child and youth programming agenda. The CYPC shall not provide or supervise child care services (0-5 yr olds).
Shall identify services regarding available resources that support National Guard children and youth (0-18 yrs of age). Provides training and coordination of Child and Youth Services for deployed personnel and their families during the deployment cycle and to ensure that families are educated, trained and supported regarding available resources, benefits and programs during each phase of the deployment cycle. Contractor shall monitor the development and deliver training packages, briefings, and other associated materials required to support the deployment process.
Shall market available DoD child care fee assistance resources to eligible Families, educate Families on eligibility requirements and application process and assist Families identifying the forms, and required documentation to apply for these programs to ensure maximum participation. The CYPC will also communicate with the NGB POC when they are informed by the sponsor/parent of delays/issues with the application process.
The CYPC shall establish a plan to market Child & Youth program opportunities and available resources to eligible Families and Youth via all available media (print, email, social media, etc.) within established policy and available resources.
Shall coordinate and provide briefings on the State CYSS Program and Child & Youth benefits and resources for Servicemembers, Family members, and Youth as required by state-level plans and guidance. Briefings shall provide Servicemembers, Family members and Youth with the local, state and federal resources (including Operation: Military Kids, Mission: Youth Outreach,, Zero to Three, Military Child Education Coalition, etc.) that they are eligible to use and information on how to contact the Family Program Office for additional information.
Shall, at the request of the SFPD, conduct/coordinate briefings to the state military leadership and relevant community partners on the issues facing Military children and youth, and to provide updates on programs and services available to them.
Provides planning, liaison, developing and delivering services available both within the Department of Defense structure (e.g. Army Community Services, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, DDR, etc.) and from collaborating with civilian organizations (e.g. Boys and Girls Club of America, 4-H/USDA Extension Service, etc) and other national and local community organizations. Contacts may be gained from the State Family Program Director and Airman & Family Readiness Program Manager. New contacts shall be continuously sought that will help families, youths, and children. Contractor shall analyze ability to reach ARNG children through a combination of centralized activities such as Youth Camps and community and/or unit based offerings.
Develops and expands communication availability to the youth of deployed members by directly coordinating with operational headquarters for the deployment to procure up to date mailing information of deployed members for the families, and all e-mail access (e.g. Army Knowledge Online), Instant Messaging and supervised chat room capability that make communication with deployed family members easier. The incumbent shall develop and facilitate Outreach Groups that give youth outlets to discuss their issues and success stories with other youth.
Shall develop and maintain a directory of resources, agencies and organizations that are available to assist Military children and a library of curriculum resources that support Child & Youth Program requirements. Additionally CYPC shall ensure information of research and policy/legislative changes impacting Military children and youth is updated and kept current.
Shall access and analyze data from surveys and informal interactions to identify Child & Youth Program needs and develop/coordinate program support resources to meet identified needs.
Shall attend state-specific Family Programs training conducted by the Family Programs Office/SFPD.
Shall become familiar with and maintain access to all DoD/Army/NGB/ARNG regulations and guidance that are applicable to the execution of school-aged services and youth development programs within the Military services.
Shall provide program support services to Family Readiness Groups (FRG’s) as required by state/territory guidance or plans. Works closely with Family Readiness Support Assistants, Family Readiness Groups and volunteers to assess and evaluate the needs of the deployed personnel and their families. Also ensures that youth specific activities are supported in Family Assistance Center operations. Follow on assessments shall be conducted as required.
Provide adult lead sponsor to the state National Guard Youth Council and is responsible to identify and train Youth delegates to fill these positions, and submit recommendations to NGB for the Guard Teen Panel. May serve on the state Family Program Advisory Council (or equivalent) and provide background data and analysis for the Government planning and execution of the State Family Program Conference/Workshop.
Shall compose and route correspondence, including e-mail and complete correspondence in accordance with NGR 25-52 and AR 25-50. They shall be required to complete and forward all required Child & Youth Program reports in the correct format.
Shall provide services that comply with all published guidance of the State Family Program Office regarding Child & Youth Program Operations.
Shall secure and safeguard all Government property, including documents, provided for or created by the operations of the Child & Youth Program. It is understood that all records, documents and resources utilized by the CYPC and in support of Child & Youth Program operations are for official Government use only, and shall remain Government property on termination of the contract.
Shall use Government phones, computers and other communications & electronic equipment for official Government functions only.
The CYPC shall respond to and effectively handle time-sensitive Child & Youth Program queries as they are received.
Shall, at the request of the SFPD, coordinate with State FP contractors/staff, ARNG-HRS, Joint Family Support Assistance Program contractors (DoD) to identify trends, coordinate/conduct briefings, orientations, workshops and networks to enhance local program delivery with appropriate outside agencies.
If required at state/territory level, the CYPC shall provide analysis and child-youth subject matter expertise to the Guard Teen Panel.
May provide training support to national-level National Guard Child & Youth Program workshops and symposia as requested and with approval of the SFPD. The CYPC may also present state best practices at relevant professional conferences.
Shall attend the J1 Professional Development Workshop. One CYPC from each state shall attend the National Youth Symposium (NYS) with, and be responsible for, their youth delegates in accordance with the NYS training schedule and CYPC duty schedule.
Shall attend at least one national-level professional development conference hosted by a recognized Youth Development/Education organization (e.g., 4H, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, etc.) or Department of Defense organization where the conference agenda adds value to the state National Guard Child & Youth program. An after action report will be submitted to the Program Manager and forwarded to the COR highlighting, at a minimum, attendance purpose, value added and way ahead.

Requirements / Qualifications

Two years of college and demonstrated work experience in a related field (i.e. Education, Youth Development, Reserve Component Family Programs or Child & Youth Programs, social sciences, human resources, or business/program management) is required.
In the absence of secondary education, significant work experience in a related field is required.
Military OR direct civilian experience in coordinating Family Programs/Child & Youth Programs in a military organization is required.
Broad based knowledge, experience, and skills in the areas of military personnel and Family programs as well as an understanding of the ARNG. The contract employee must demonstrate a working knowledge of military well-being programs, Family programs, and the deployment support cycle requirements.
Knowledge of professional early childhood education and youth development principles and practices impacting children and youth from K-12 necessary to plan and execute evidence-based outreach and support activities within the National Guard Child & Youth Program at the state/territory level.
Knowledge of human growth and development, youth socialization, child and youth educational and recreational programs.
Knowledge of National Guard Child & Youth program goals and objectives, and their linkage to DoD and Department of the Army Child, Youth and School Services program goals and objectives.
Demonstrated ability to work effectively within the military structure and with outside agencies.
State-level experience working within the National Guard Child and Youth program or Family program preferred.
Computer literate and proficient in preparing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
Must have a current and valid driver’s license.
Must be a US Citizen
Must pass required state and federal background investigations, with a minimum NACI clearance in accordance with DoDI 1402.5, FBI background and maintain favorable background checks as required.