Receptionist (Evening)

Excel Care Center - Tampa, FL2.7

Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Functions

Answer telephones and determine nature of call and direct caller to appropriate individual or department.
Receive and deliver messages or transfer calls to voice mail when appropriate personnel are unavailable.
Answer questions about the organization and provide callers with the address, directions, and other information.
Operate paging or telephone system, as required.
For residents without phones send calls to the nursing unit so they can facilitate communication with the resident.
Receive request from within the Facility and locate personnel through paging system.
Greet visitors and direct to appropriate office and/or resident room.
Provide directions and information to visitors, guests, residents, sales representatives, etc.
Offer beverages to visitors waiting for administrative personnel, as appropriate.
Ensure guests and visitors abide by existing rules, as directed.
Monitor visitor access and sign-in process.
Receive, sort, and distribute mail and maintain route publications.
Prepare and process correspondence for the Administrator and department directors, as necessary.
Order, receive, and maintain office supplies.
Perform other clerical duties such as filing, photocopying, and collating.
Provide administrative assistance to the Administrative staff.
Assist with administrative duties as directed. (Includes typing, filing, posting accounts, etc.)
Operate copier, office machines, etc., as directed.
Perform general secretarial and administrative duties as required or directed by the Administrator in support of the administrative functions of all departments within the Facility.
Accept and perform temporary or long-term assignments to various departments within the Facility, as required by the Administrator.
Maintain an adequate liaison with families and residents.
Maintain a productive working relationship with the medical profession and other health related facilities and organizations.
Maintain a current file and listing of residents by name and room number, emergency phone members of on-call personnel, department extensions, key personnel, etc.
Maintain a current listing of critical residents and/or residents who may not receive phone calls due to their condition. (May refer such calls to Nurse Supervisor, LPN, or RN.)
Monitor presence and location of sale representatives in the Facility.