Outbound Telemarketing Sales Agent

Ryan Butler Homes - Washington, DC

Full-timeEstimated: $39,000 - $56,000 a year
Your job title: Outbound Telemarketing Sales Agent

Where you will work: Washington, DC

Business Owner: Ryan Butler

Who are we?

The mission of the DC Homes & Lifestyles team is to provide the premier customer service experience for each home seller and home buyer we work with. Knowledge we’ve gained through years of working in the local market empowers us to provide our home buyers and sellers with the advice they need to make informed decisions. Whether it’s selling a home, searching for a home, or negotiating a contract, each member of the DC Homes & Lifestyles will apply their expert skills to each step of the process to help each client achieve an outstanding result.

Who are we looking for?

You must think of yourself as a "phone animal" - a highly skilled, salesperson who is extremely comfortable and productive spending 80-85% of your time on the phone. A successful candidate will be experienced in working with fast-moving, highly-dynamic individuals. We are looking for a fast-paced, independent thinker who prefers a challenging environment and has a proven track record for success. You must be self-motivated and love an environment that allows you to create your own growth path.

Primary Objective

Schedule in-office appointments for buyer and seller agents with the goal of acquiring closed client transactions for DC Homes & Lifestyles (DCHL) by:

1. prospecting to various lead sources, and
2. following up with generated leads

Key Activities

1. Effectively prospect for new clients to various lead sources, 4+ hours daily (outbound).
2. Respond and consistently follow up to make contact with prospects, 2+ hours daily (inbound).
3. Schedule appointments for Listing and Buyer Agents.
4. Practice, memorize, and internalize company-provided scripts, 2+ hours per week.
5. Input prospects and manage the leads database.
6. Prepare 4-1-1 and KASH reports weekly and review via accountability meeting with team leader.
7. Meet established performance benchmarks.

Lead Generation, Conversion, & Follow Up

Detailed Activities

  • Learn and follow established lead-tracking system.
  • Answer incoming phone calls, avoid sending people to voicemail, and respond to messages promptly (within 5 minutes when working).
  • Continually call and email prospects until reached or the lead is determined to be invalid.
  • Know DCHL inventory of ‘active’ and ‘coming soon’ listings.
  • Participate in networking functions and related activities to bring business to DCHL.
  • Look up properties in MLS to answer prospects' questions on properties of interest.
  • Manage contact database system, track all business activities, and document all prospect communication.
  • After scheduling an appointment, follow up by email, text, and phone to ensure prospects show up.
  • Maintain 3 role-play partners weekly.
  • Use mirroring, pacing, matching, and leading techniques to be most effective in prospect communication.
  • Complete all work in a timely and professional fashion: complete tasks on or before the due date, complete all blanks, follow all checklists.

  • Make a minimum of 40 contacts per day (200 contacts per week) calling on: Expireds/FSBOs, sphere of influence, past clients, circle prospecting (just listed/just solds), open houses, and other sources.
  • Schedule a minimum of 5 appointments per work week (8 per month - 1st 30 days, 15 per month - 2nd 30 days, 20 per month - 3rd 30 days, goal of 40 per month thereafter).
  • Failure to meet minimum standards for two consecutive weeks may result in a reduction of commission rates, at the sole discretion of DCHL, until the quota has been met. Failure to meet minimum standards for three or more consecutive weeks may result in termination of employment, at the sole discretion of DCHL.
  • Maintain a high standard of integrity and focus on the best interests of the client. Dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Project a gracious attitude toward prospects on the phone by always thanking them for their time.
  • Demonstrate personal commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of customers: respond to inquiries in a timely fashion, maintain confidentiality in all client matters, make clients feel important, and continually assist in developing ideas for improved customer service.
Planning, Growth, and Personal Accountability

Detailed Activities

  • Complete 'First 100 Days Training Plan' tasks on time each week
  • Provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports to team leader about progress toward goals
  • Create and say affirmations aloud daily
  • Participate in 3+ educational events or activities per month.
  • Work a pre-planned 40-50 hour work week and input into Google calendar showing time blocked for key activities
  • Attend classes, calls, meetings, seminars, listen to audio CDs, and/or read books, always seeking new and innovative ways to increase production or personal/business growth.
  • Promptly communicate with team leader anything that causes you discomfort as it relates to the work and/or atmosphere.
  • Provide support to other team members as needed.
  • Become a licensed agent in the first 4 months (not practicing)

  • Maintain a positive attitude while in the office and in working with prospects, clients, and team members. Surround self with positive people and positive environments. Have fun!
  • Perform all work according to the policies, standards, and philosophy of DCHL, Keller Williams Realty Boise, government laws, regulations, ordinances, and court rulings.
  • Remember that documentation, standardization, duplication, and scalability of all systems and processes is critical to DCHL's long-term success.
Skills Required

  • Results-oriented high achiever, willing to be held accountable for goals and results.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers, superiors, customers, and vendors in written and verbal form.
  • Ability to block out distractions and listen intently to conversation that is occurring.
  • Create a sense of comfort and familiarity through ability to build rapport with prospects.
  • Organized, systematic, detail-oriented, learning-based, growth-focused, and has excellent time-management skills.
  • Clear understanding of computers and navigating the internet and databases.
  • Strong phone voice.
  • Great ability to focus
  • Calm under pressure
  • Learning based
  • Service-based attitude
  • Proven ability to succeed

  • Lead Agent – daily
  • Agent Team – daily
  • Administrative Team (as appropriate to team structure) – daily
  • Buyers/Sellers/Vendors – as appropriate

This position entails setting in-office appointments for our real estate via e-mail & phone. You MUST have previous Inside Sale experience. We offer: Salary (hourly-based) plus Bonuses, Benefits. Must be willing to

Recent grads and career transitions are encouraged to apply. Back to workforce individuals are encouraged to apply.

Leads to Full-time position, base salary, health insurance, performance-based bonuses, and other employee benefits. Unlimited opportunity for growth.