Agile Program Manager

Octo Consulting Group - Boston, MA (30+ days ago)3.7

The AFLCMC program team is seeking AGILE software integration/development and other efforts to improve the performance of ISR systems, including the AF DCGS and other similar programs. This effort will support the AF DCGS Weapon System, including its network, security, GEOINT, SIGINT,

Multi-INT, Sensors, operations, maintenance, interfaces, and other Intelligence or related systems or items. The Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF DCGS), also referred to as the AN/GSQ272

SENTINEL weapon system, is the Air Force’s primary Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Planning and direction, collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and dissemination (PCPAD)Weapon system.

This effort will provide the Air Force with an AGILE software integration/developmentServices Team which will feature strategic team members co-located with the AFLCMC product teams at multiple CONUS locations, primarily in the Boston, MA Area, to support a culture of continuous improvement across the teams.

The Program Manager (PM) shall have a track record of delivering functional software via Agile, aswell as other, development methods.

The PM shall be able to estimate and adjust resources atproject inception; tracking progress and planning, re-planning and re-adjusting course based onboth realities of team velocity and potential changes in user needs over the course of the project.

The PM shall use resource estimates using point-based systems from their Scrum Masters’progress, and track progress via charting team velocity and burn-down charts. Individual must havesenior knowledge and senior hands-on experience with the AF DCGS weapons System and/or arelated programs; possess detailed experience using/implemented and/or leading Agile softwaredevelopment teams and possess exceptional leadership skills to enable a data management convention that provides geographically dispersed development teams with scalable and isolated datamanagement framework.

The Agile Program Manager will provide contract administration andmanagement oversight necessary in support of this contract. Lean management oversight ispreferable with technical skills taking precedence. The candidate shall be responsible for overallresponsiveness, cost control, adherence to schedules, and technical quality of work.

Experience Requirements:
Demonstrated success in delivering functional code to the government’s satisfaction utilizing agile design and development techniques.
Knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework 4.0 (SAFe) methodology.
Demonstrated performance in delivering alpha and beta quality code to the government in time frames less than one month, and production quality code in three month time frames.
5+ years’ experience with agile and lean philosophies
Experience with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration techniques
Possesses an active DoD SECRET clearance or above

Preferred Education:
Bachelor’s degree plus 10 years of experience and/or Master’s degree plus five years ofexperience in program management related to government Information Technology.
Clearance: Secret Minimum