Retail Analytics Manager

Precima - Chicago, IL

The Associate Director, Client Analyticsis a critical role, providing thought leadership and best practice approachesfor the implementation and integration of Precima’s advanced analyticssolutions for client initiatives that align to their customer-centric andretail-centric strategies. The AD will have the ability to translate highlycomplex analytical models and concepts into simple, business oriented terms forclients to inform incremental benefit in Merchandising, Marketing and/orOperations within a client’s business. This includes interpreting clientstrategies into the most impactful configurations of Precima’s advanced andcomplex analytics solutions.

The AD, Client Analytics coordinates theaccessing, analysing and interpretation of customer and retail transactionaldata on behalf of Precima’s clients as the day to day leader of analyticsdelivery. They facilitate the implementation of retail insight solutions intoclients’ processes in a way that ensures their business objectives are met andthe integrity of Precima’s analytics is upheld while maximizing incrementalbenefit to the client. This includes having an in-depth technical knowledge ofPrecima’s advanced analytics solutions to inform the most impactful way tointegrate into a client’s processes for optimal recommendations that go intomarket.

This role acts as the conduit betweenPrecima’s centralised analytical functions and the client-facing account teams,working very closely with the head of Central Analytics and the AD, ClientServices. Together they manage the ongoing delivery of Precima’s solutions intothe client. In this role the AD, Client Analytics must also act as a translatorof complex analytical concepts into clear commercial terms and recommendations– and vice-versa while managing the day to day relationship with seniorstakeholders at client.

The Associate Director, Client Analyticsis responsible for:
  • Achieving Current Deliverables including set up,deployment and ongoing evolvement of solution at client
  • Supporting Business Development and RevenueGrowth at client and across geography
  • Building and Developing the Team for both directand indirect client and central associates
  • Contributing to the New Development and NewEnhancements of Products with client opportunities
Achieve Personal Development Goals as a senior leaderwithin Precima


  • Support the development of incremental merchandising and analytical opportunities for strategic partners, including leveraging emerging technologies
  • Work closely with R&D team to implement predictive analytical methodologies (a combination of statistical and optimization model) that enable more profitable product, pricing and promotion decisions in support of partner customer strategies
  • Ability to take a client issue and translate it into the appropriate analytical problem with clear sight into the data and analytic techniques that can provide insights and recommendations to the client
  • Collaborate with clients (internal and external) to define business and analytical deliverables that align insights to business context to develop relevant applications across merchandising and marketing
  • Develop strong relationships with internal analytics team and leverage them to develop analytical deliverables to meet the client needs by establishing best practices and approach
  • Develop comprehensive testing and measurement programs that quantify and optimize models with each successive execution
  • Actively participate in the development and communication of analytical methodology best practices within retail merchandising and/or marketing
  • Participate in special projects as required

  • Minimum 6 years of hands-on quantitative analytics experience
  • Minimum 1 year of supervisory/management experience
  • Knowledge of BI or Data Mining Tools, CPLEX , SAS/R, SQL, relational databases
  • Excellent oral and written English
  • Superior analytical/modeling skills and experience with database concepts
  • Strong interpersonal skills - professional and composed
  • Strong presentation skills, ability to quickly adjust based on client needs
  • Demonstrated curiosity, initiative and passion for the application of statistical sciences to address business challenges and learning of new statistical/analytical methods
  • Proven problem solving ability, ability to 'think outside the box'
  • Experience analyzing customer level and/or item level data
  • Excellent ability to be part of multiple projects/initiatives of varying size and complexity, while simultaneously meeting and exceeding deadlines in a diverse environment
  • Team player with high energy and demonstrated initiative
  • Ability to translate analytical results into clear written and verbal communication to internal/external stakeholders