Assistant Director of Front Office Operations

Denihan Hospitality Group - New York, NY

Scope of Position

The Assistant Director of Front Office provides guest service as well as supervision, direction and leadership in the Front Office in accordance with the objectives, performance and quality standards established by The Surrey.

The Assistant Director of Front Office needs to be familiar and possess a sound knowledge of the overall Front Office operations.

He / She is responsible for the proper, efficient and profitable functioning of the Front Office, Bell Door and Concierge.

The Assistant Director of Front Office must be responsive to the needs of his / her team members and provide the required resources, support and guidance as needed to ensure excellent guest satisfaction.

The Assistant Director of Front Office will need to monitor all aspects of the arrival and departure experience to ensure adherence to proper established standards and compliance with the Five Diamond and Five Star service requirements.

The Assistant Director of Front Office plays a vital role in the guest management during an emergency situation and should have a strong knowledge of the Crisis Plan Manual.

Required to be the gatekeeper of all Front Office incidents, from information gathering, report writing, recommendation to prevent a repeat occurrence and ensuring the required amendments are made to policies.

Supports the guest loyalty program of the hotel.

Maintain a good working relationship with leaders, peers and team members from other departments.

Scope of Responsibilities

(Goals / Key Performance Indicators)

Ensures that all services provided are anticipatory and guest centric, promoting outstanding and exceptional guest satisfaction at all times.

Perform an audit of his / her area based on established standards.

Data Quality Management


Detailed Description of Duties and Responsibilities in relation to:

i) Human Resources

To interview candidates, select and recommend appropriate personnel for employment.

To train, guide and develop immediate subordinates in achieving higher level of excellence.

ii) Communication and Co-ordination

To attend all operational meetings

To ensure handover meetings are conducted from shift to shift, including one with the Night Manager.

To attend hotel-wide daily operational meeting at 9:00 am.

To attend daily morning briefing.

To attend regular meetings with relevant Departmental Leaders.

To ensure instruction from Executive Management is being conveyed and followed through.

To ensure communication amongst all levels of staff in the department.

To work closely with all managerial staff of all other departments.

To attend and contribute to regular Revenue Management meetings.

iii) Administration

To report all guest incidents and employee accidents to Director of Front Office. Record all incidents utilizing the HotSOS effectively.

To prepare a weekly summary report of macro issues to the Director of Front Office.

To prepare monthly report in conjunction with the Director of Front Office of all incidents, highlighting trends – mistakes, recoveries, breakdowns, inefficiencies and variations.

iv) Planning, Organizing and Controlling

To oversee and maintain the Front Office Department schedule effectively.

To ensure payroll is managed and overtime is at minimum.

v) Formulation of Policies and Procedures

To initiate and formulate policies/procedures recommendations.

To act on all decisions and programs decided by the Executive Committee Team.

vi) Revenue and Budget Expectations

To have a sound understanding of hotel budgets.

Qualification Requirements:
Minimum 5 years of experience in a Front Office Management position in a luxury hotel.

Fluent in both written and spoken English. Ability to communicate in a secondary language would be beneficial.

Strong ability to lead, guide and portray sound leadership and management skills.

Strong administration and planning skills. Technologically competent.

Must be able to establish Standard Operating Procedures and be able to train and develop the team and provide the necessary quality checks.

Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions. Formulates and implements new procedures in respect to continuous quality.

Superior time management skills, with the ability to work independently.

Ability to work well in a team environment.

Must be professional and possess a high level of integrity, excellent presentation skills and effective communication skills.

Dynamic and energetic.