Wellness Coordinator

Surterra - Pensacola, FL4.0

The Wellness Coordinator has a passion for life, passion for wellness and for healthy living. The Surterra Wellness Coordinator can be described as compassionate, positive, loving, caring, full of life and energy, passionate and knowledgeable of holistic approaches to life. The Wellness Coordinator can be described as a ball of energy, sunshine on a cloudy day, warmth of a comfortable home, and the friend that is always there. You will have a background in health and or fitness. You will be knowledgeable about healthy living, eating and health maintenance. You will understand different methods of health empowerment and will present yourself in a professional manner. You will beam Empower Your Health.

The Wellness Coordinator is responsible for high quality patient customer service, retrieving patient information from the Compassionate Use Registry, maintaining confidential and HIPAA compliant paperwork, and overall upkeep. Maintain accurate records of patients identification and registration documents, manage scheduling patient traffic flow, answer phones and respond to patient inquiries. Record, arrange, and package patient orders. Maintain an organized and clean environment and facility appearance.


1. Customer Service and Record-Keeping:
Welcome patients as they enter the facility. Provide exceptional service for new customers, answering any questions they may have and providing brief orientations and tours when needed.
Provide product deliveries to patients.
Obtain the appropriate documentation from each patient at every visit, ensuring validity of their identification and registration with the state of Florida.
Record each visit using appropriate software, ensuring accuracy of patient information, and recording notes if necessary.
Communicate with employees to maintain a steady patient traffic flow to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.
Record and collaborate with piers on deliveries regarding preorders and online orders to ensure accurate order information and timeliness of delivery.
Respond to and resolve patient requests, complaints, or compliments in person, through email, and on the phone requesting supervisor support as needed
Maintain organization of desk space and waiting room through daily upkeep and light cleaning.

2. Cannabis based Education and Guidance:
Maintain knowledge of all applicable state and local laws, as well as documentation processes in accordance with the State of Florida Office of Compassionate Use.
Maintain and have full knowledge of all dosist branded products, their intended need states and usage while delivering an exceptional customer experience to patients.
Maintain a basic understanding of the Cannabis based therapeutics, and services provided at Company.
Educate patients on the processes of registration, renewals, lost registration documents, etc.
Provide educational materials and resources for patients and caregivers as needed.
Record specific requests, preferences, and notes concerning patient registration status using appropriate software.
Maintain awareness of patient input and suggest changes to improve service or product.

3. Documentation:
Prepare documents as needed to assist patients in registering with the State of Florida Office of Compassionate Use.
Ensure all patient files are current and required documentation is on file and follows all guidelines issued by the State of Florida.
Maintain patient database through entering new patients, adding or removing membership, updating changes in information, scheduling appointments and updating patient registration status.
Maintain caregiver paperwork in accordance with the State of Florida, maintain tracking in system and communicating changes to physicians.
Communicate with employees to update online and physical pamphlets as needed.
Coordinate with the Lead Pharmacist/General Manager for office supplies as needed.
Responsible for outgoing and incoming mail distribution and ensuring post office box is collected weekly.

Prepare patient online and pre-orders.
Provide deliveries as needed
Route media calls to the appropriate manager immediately (do not comment unless authorized to do so).
Assist managers with research, communications, or any other assigned projects/task.
Comply with Surterra’s current policies and procedures and applicable state and local laws.

8 Core Qualities of a Surterra Employee

Be Ethical – Do everything with impeccable integrity. Be radically transparent, fair and honest with each other. Do what you say you are going to do. Be trustworthy. Avoid deceit, favoritism and discrimination. Hold people accountable without emotion. Comply with regulations. Integrity is a pass/fail quality; you must have it to work with us.

Be a Champion - Always work in the best interest of the patient and the brand. Empower our patients to find their wellness. Support their doctors’ recommendations with respect. Be a constant learner in support of patients’ need for information. Partner with patients to make the best choices for their well-being. Fight for their rights to do so.

Be Bold - Be curious, creative and an exemplar of the Surterra brand in all your interactions. Be bold and innovative. Dream big, take chances. Investigate and learn with every challenge. Think three steps ahead and make a plan. Set the strategy and execute against it. Speed counts.

Be United - Build strong interpersonal relationships based on trust and respect. Create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard. Listen objectively to opposing views. Be diplomatic in response to adversity. Always assume good intentions. Build consensus among competing ideas and personalities. Be a strong teammate. Show compassion to everyone.

Be Efficient - Employ a systematic approach to achieve objectives. Simplify complex and time-consuming activities into simple, efficient actions. Automate processes wherever possible. Teach others how to operate within a process. Never confuse motion for progress.

Be Well - Organize and operate within a complex and chaotic environment. Remain calm, poised and effective in stressful situations. Accept the inevitability of changing priorities and redirect as needed. Think on your feet. Be resilient and show grit in the face of challenges. Avoid taking offense and never be defensive. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and psychological hardiness. Set your boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Lead by example from the front.

Be Wise - Discern what is appropriate, practical and realistic in any given situation. Weigh the advantages of competing demands in a regulated industry. Make decisions that are a win-win for patients and the business. Say no to good ideas in favor of the best ideas. Remain open to new information and adapt accordingly. Use good judgment on appropriate use of limited resources.

Be Articulate - Show up with confidence. Communicate with enthusiasm. Speak and write in a concise, grammatically correct, precise and persuasive manner. Convey nuances of meaning accurately. Match styles of communication to each audience and purpose. Demonstrate executive presence with confidence, decisiveness, dignity and poise.


Must be able to remain in a stationary position 75% of the time.
The person in this position needs to occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets, office machinery, etc.
Constantly operates a computer and other office productivity machinery
The person in this position frequently communicates with other employees/customers. Must be able to exchange accurate information in these situations.