Office Assistant - Opt 1

State of Illinois - Cook County, IL

Description of Duties/Essential Functions

Under general supervision of the Local Central Index Unit Supervisor, assigns investigations to Child Protection Specialists throughout the Cook County Region; performs data checks on incoming reports, including CANTS/CYCIS data from DCFS and Department of Healthcare and Family Services; greets visitors, answers incoming calls, and screens callers to determine nature of request; prepares a variety of difficult materials; monitors and checks all outgoing CANTS forms, resolving discrepancies.

Minimum Requirements

Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to completion of high school and one year of related office experience.

Work Hours & Location/Agency Contact

Salary Range: $2807.00 - 3781.00
Anticipated Salary: $2807.00

Work days & hours:
8:30AM to 5:00 PM

Work Location:
6201 S. Emerald
Chicago, IL 60621
Supervisor: B. Forehand

Contact Person:
Tracey Hardrick
2020 W.Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 312/814-3775
Fax: 312/814-1224

How to Apply

Current State employees seeking a promotion must submit an Official Position Vacancy Bid Form, a CMS 100 Employment Application and a CMS promotional "A" grade for the title or apply for a promotional grade by submitting your CMS 100B Promotional Application to the Department of Central Management Services during the posting period. If bidding on the same title and option, submit Official Position Vacancy Bid Form and CMS 100 Employment Application. If bidding on a vacancy in a different title (lateral or voluntary reduction), you must pre-qualify for that title by submitting a CMS 100 Employment Application along with Official Position Vacancy Bid Form. Please send all bid information to above-noted contact person, failure to comply will result in applicant's ineligibility.